CQ Medical™ (formerly CIVCO Radiotherapy and Qfix) is Exhibiting New Brand and Expanded Product Portfolio at AAPM 2024

CQ Medical, the new global leader in patient radiotherapy positioning and healthcare innovations that advance human care, will exhibit its innovative and patented solutions during the AAPM Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, July 21-25.

CQ Medical marks a pivotal transformation for CIVCO Radiotherapy and Qfix, who joined forces in October 2022. CQ Medical is derived from the company’s Care Quotient: IQ + EQ = CQ. It follows their philosophy of applying intelligence and empathy to everything they make and do.

The company encourages attendees to visit booth #619 to see how two legacy companies are integrating their market-leading solutions, uniquely combining medical technology with patient empathy, to help achieve better patient outcomes.

SBRT Immobilization Solutions, including the new Body Pro-Lok ONEBridge™ compatible with Alta™
CQ has combined two best-in-class products to create one remarkable SBRT positioning solution. The market-leading ONEBridge fits most patients, immobilizing and improving positioning and respiratory restriction for more accurate treatment. Current Alta Multipurpose Device users can upgrade their respiratory compression systems with the Body Pro-Lok ONEBridge. 

Symphony® Imaging, Treatment & Transfer Solutions
Symphony solutions facilitate smooth patient transfers between imaging modalities and treatment or procedure platforms without repositioning the patient. Visit the company to learn about their innovations with the Lithotomy AirShuttle™ for brachytherapy and the Alta AirShuttle for Adaptive customized cancer care workflow solutions.

SRS Immobilization Solutions
The Encompass™ and Solstice™ SRS Immobilization Systems are highly advanced, non-invasive solutions designed for precisely targeted brain, head, and neck treatments. The Encompass is validated for HyperArc™ and provides setup confidence and comfort with the Integrated Shim™ system. Solstice features unique variable pitch capability, increasing setup and treatment flexibility.

BioXmark® Liquid Fiducial Marker (manufactured by Nanovi) 
The liquid nature of BioXmark enables the implantation of multiple markers of varying sizes in the same uninterrupted procedure. Sticky and soft markers form that adapt to surrounding soft tissue, providing exceptional positional stability and visibility.

Thermoplastics including Fibreplast® and Integrated Shim™
CQ offers various thermoplastic options, including Fibreplast, a premium proprietary thermoplastic that is more rigid and shrinks less than standard thermoplastic. The Integrated Shim feature, which increases workflow efficiencies and patient comfort, allows for customizable immobilization.

Proton Solutions, including Pediatric Options
CQ has set a standard in proton therapy solutions with a range of market-leading couchtops, head & neck immobilization, and additional disease site positioning solutions, including a complete pediatric offering.

About CQ Medical
CQ Medical is the global leader in developing high-quality, innovative, patient-centric radiotherapy and cancer therapy solutions. With primary locations in Iowa and Pennsylvania and employees worldwide, the company has more than 80 years of combined experience bringing advanced hardware and consumables for patient immobilization and positioning, fiducial markers, couchtops, and patient care products to the market. Visit CQmedical.com for more information.

For further information, please contact:
Shelli Locklear, Director of Marketing, at +1 319.248.6619 or [email protected]

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