Agriculture eBook | From Imagery to Data: Shifting Approaches in Digital Agriculture

How can data be used to change agricultural practices to do more with less and continue to drive growth? In this eBook, we’ll explore how leading agriculture companies can support farmers with data-driven crop management solutions to increase farm productivity, profitability, and sustainability.

Our Planetscope constellation captures images across the entire Earth’s landmass every day. Today, Planet’s partners and customers leverage this cadence and coverage to supply insights to the growers they serve, helping them optimize the inputs they put into the ground. In this eBook you’ll learn about Planet’s:

  • High Frequency: Daily in-season revisit rates powered by 200+ satellites
  • Global Coverage: Broad area monitoring of agricultural regions worldwide
  • Field-Level Detail: 0.5 and 3-5 meter resolution satellite images
  • Easy & Efficient Access: Simple APIs for workflow integration
  • Deep Historical Archive: Over 1,300 images for every acre on earth

If you’re interested in learning more about applications for Planet’s data in agriculture, visit our Agriculture page, or watch this webinar to learn about exciting new use cases for satellite data.


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