Continuing his “Comeback” Winning Streak, Phil Hellmuth Secures Second Victory in ‘High Stakes Duel’ Against Daniel Negreanu

 Last night, Phil Hellmuth reminded the poker world exactly why he is considered a poker legend. Playing live at the PokerGO studios in Las Vegas, the match was billed as ‘the Brat versus the Kid,’ with Hellmuth defeating Daniel Negreanu for the second consecutive high-stakes, 5+ hour marathon, heads-up duel with a Breinfuel in hand.

Advisor and Stakeholder to Breinfuel – the better-for-you cerebral beverage known to stabilize the mind in high stress situations – Hellmuth once again took his final sip right at the beginning of the match, knowing it would support his mental agility to pull off his disguised bets on strong hands and massive bluffs on weak ones. 

“The last hour of a poker match can be the most critical,” said Hellmuth. “I was confident in my skills and chances going into this match, and Breinfuel helped me stay at the top of my game as we entered the fourth and fifth hours. It’s all about endurance with this sport.”

Highlighting Breinfuel’s effectiveness, Negreanu took an early lead, but was mentally outmaneuvered by Hellmuth in the latter part of the match. Even Negreanu had to acknowledge Phil’s level of play, saying, “Good job, buddy. You played well. This one, I thought you played a lot better than the first one.” (It’s worth noting that Hellmuth won the first one as well)

A 15-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) champion, Phil Hellmuth is regarded by many as the best poker player in the world. The match put Hellmuth’s old school vs. Negreanu’s new school methods of playing to the test, and Hellmuth’s consistent wins support his contention that the secret to great poker is reading your opponent. After this match, Hellmuth has won all 5 High Stakes Duel matches that he’s played in so far, but claims he still gets no respect!

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