Introducing RE/GEN Method, the First-Ever Holistic Fitness and Longevity Workout Experience for Complete Wellness

Today, RE/GEN Method announces the launch of its revolutionary, evidence-based holistic fitness and longevity experience blending the best of pilates, strength training, functional fitness and breathwork into an all-in-one workout.  The brand launched their first studio in Flatiron, New York City at 7 West 19th Street. 

RE/GEN Method is the only functional workout utilizing a half pilates reformer, half strength training concept to address the holistic wellness needs of the health and fitness-conscious consumer. The class is a challenging sequence of form-focused, breath-paced, intentional movements, combining complementary movement modalities. Mindfulness threads through the class, ensuring all are connected to themselves, their bodies, their form, and their breath. The result is an ultra-efficient, challenging, comprehensive  workout that delivers both immediate results and long-term benefits for both body and mind, in a 50-minute class.

Introducing RE/GEN Method, the First-Ever Holistic Fitness and Longevity Workout Experience for Complete Wellness

Backed by research demonstrating the effectiveness of a multi-modal approach, the method includes the additional benefit of resistance training with weights lifting weights (versus other types of resistance training) for improved metabolic health, blood sugar regulation, and enhanced bone density.

Melissa Weiss, the founder of RE/GEN Method, shared her story: “My experience with cancer in my late 20s revealed the transformative power of fitness for overall wellness. My participation with group fitness, strength training, and pilates during my recovery -and in the years that followed- helped me realize that I need more than one fitness modality to meet all my needs. In a world where fitness and wellness brands often specialize, but the consumer only has so much time and money, I recognized the need for a more efficient, effective (and fun) wellness solution. Collaborating with experts from Columbia and Yale Universities and some of the finest fitness professionals, we created RE/GEN Method, a 50-minute holistic fitness for wellness solution that draws from various modalities.”

 RE/GEN delivers on a multiplicity of benefits, notably:

  • Calms the nervous system and improves breath control.
  • Builds strength and deep core engagement
  • Increases muscle tone and balanced lean muscle mass
  • Improves mobility and flexibility
  • Boosts bone density and metabolic rate
  • Supports anatomically correct posture and joint stability
  • Improves pelvic floor health
  • Protects the spines and supports injury rehab and prehab.
  • Optimizes athletic performance.

Weiss emphasized, “People are looking for a simple solution to feel, look, move, and live better – to achieve well-rounded wellness – and that is what RE/GEN Method is – a single destination for wellness, through fitness.”

Offerings details:

  • RE/GEN Group Classes: In-studio sessions offering the signature workout (RE/GEN) focused on strength and core, and RE/GEN: ALIGN, focused on core, conditioning, and sculpt.
  • Private Training: Individualized training in the studio and online, with a virtual library of pre-recorded classes set to launch in December 2023, by invitation only.
  • Hybrid Wellness and Conditioning Programs: Specialized programs, including sport recovery, and breathwork, scheduled to launch in January 2023.

For more information and to book a class, visit and follow at @regen_method. 

About RE/GEN Method:
RE/GEN Method is an evidence-based holistic fitness and longevity experience that empowers individuals to reach their highest potential in physical, emotional, and mental well-being. The method blends the complementary benefits of pilates, strength training, and functional fitness for an ultra efficient, high energy, form-focused, all-in-one workout.  Following the launch of its iconic group classes in Flatiron, New York City, RE/GEN Method will introduce virtual private training and wellness programs in Q4 2023. Learn more at

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