Steven Ginsburg’s Book and Treatment Center Aims to Help Others Out of Addiction

“You are worth it — all of it. You are loved and you have been chosen. Trust that and know that this infinite truth is the prescriber of your life. Despair and regret will remain where they belong in the rearview mirror. Hope, gratitude, and glory will become the tapestry of this rich and rewarding time for you. This critical point is your foundation and will be built upon. We never leave before the miracle, and we all continue to live knowing the best is yet to come.” – Steven Ginsburg.

Do those words sound too good to be true? Or maybe that they are meant for someone else but not you? Nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone deserves to live in peace and health. 

For those who are ready to restore their life or those with family members who are struggling, Restore Detox Center is ready to help. Restore Detox Center in San Diego, CA provides detoxification services and residential treatment for those ready to make changes in their life. It’s never too late to turn your life around. 

Restore understands that making the changes necessary to maintain sobriety doesn’t happen overnight. Ginsburg is the founder of CurePro and serves as a personal coach and aftercare specialist.

Looking for help closer to home? Pick up a copy of Ginsburg’s “Filling the Void.” Drug and alcohol use is often used to compensate for feelings of depression, stress or to ease the pain. This never works. Using substances to fill voids in your life isolates you and can cause you to lose everything you hold dear. 

Ginsburg has personal experience with what happens when you try to fill the void with substance abuse. A recovering alcoholic and addict, Ginsburg nearly lost his life before finding the will to make changes. 

Through “Filling the Void” and Restore Detox Centers, Ginsburg shares that there is hope for the future. Sobriety is possible, and no matter how far down you are, you can climb your way up. 

If you or someone you know is struggling, pick up a copy of “Filling the Void” today. If residential treatment is on the table, contact Restore Detox Center to start the healing process. 

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