Aerogami addresses public concerns over data privacy with vaccine credential technology

As COVID-19 continues to spread through the U.S., Aerogami delivers a digital vaccine credential product that’s both effective and sensitive to privacy fears. This service, called DigiVaxDoc, is launching at the perfect time to make a difference in the fight against COVID-19.

Aerogami addresses public concerns over data privacy with vaccine credential technology, DigiVaxDoc
Aerogami addresses public concerns over data privacy with vaccine credential technology, DigiVaxDoc

“I truly believe the City of New York is paving the way by requiring proof of vaccination for some indoor settings. How else can we protect our communities if the outbreak of COVID-19 variants continues?” says Bradley Adams, Managing Director at Aerogami. “We need a solution everyone can agree on: one that gives small businesses the protection they need to remain open during an outbreak and a choice for adults to show a vaccine record without having their data privacy compromised. And I believe, with DigiVaxDoc, we’re delivering that solution.”

DigiVaxDoc allows users to verify their vaccination status with their state of residence and save proof of vaccination right to their phone’s home screen. DigiVaxDoc also allows users to store negative test results, if states accept them as a means of entry. Users must simply show their DigiVaxDoc to any venue requiring vaccination in order to prove their COVID-19 vaccination status or their latest COVID-19 test results.

Aerogami distinguishes their vaccine passport technology from others, like IBM’s Excelsior Pass, by prioritizing user privacy. Aerogami deletes all records of user data from company servers while keeping users’ DigiVaxDocs active, making the information impossible to access for anyone but the user. This also results in Aerogami no longer having access to any user’s sensitive information.

“One of the top concerns we see coming from communities is data privacy,” Bradley Adams says. “Healthcare data has long been one of the final frontiers for the big data market and, if we’re not careful, this crisis will serve as the largest opportunity to capture that data. That’s why we created DigiVaxDoc. We believe people should own their data and have complete data independence.”

Aerogami chose to go this route to prove they are focused on delivering digital records – not building private databases with users’ data. With this strategy, Aerogami hopes to soothe the fears of those who are hesitant to participate in a vaccine passport initiative.

To learn more, head to DigiVaxDoc’s website

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Aerogami is a mobile development company specializing in duty-of-care solutions for insurers and risk managers. Aerogami offers a SaaS platform that includes easy-to-use communication tools and online tools for distributing emergency resources. Aerogami’s solutions are unique because they are not app-based, despite operating on mobile devices. This makes their solutions more accessible and easier to use for everyone.

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