Alternative meat startup Next Meats Co., Ltd and microalgae biotech company euglena Co., launch “NEXT Euglena Yakiniku EX” containing microalgae

Next Meats Co., LTD, the controlling shareholder of Next Meats Holdings, Inc. (“OTC: NXMH”) announced that they had signed a joint product development agreement with euglena Co., a biotech company also from Japan which specializes in cultivating Euglena and Chlorella (types of microalgae) and developing the biofuel business.

It was announced that their first joint product “NEXT Euglena Yakiniku EX” is now available for pre-sale at the official online store of Next Meats (In Japan only).

The companies had signed a joint product development agreement in December 2020, aiming to offer consumers more sustainable diet options and lifestyle choices.

The “NEXT Euglena Yakiniku EX” is a plant-based meat containing 500 mg of Euglena and 500 mg of Chlorella extract. The product, which combines the strengths of both companies, is a plant-based meat packed with protein and a great balance of other vital vitamins and minerals. The Euglena Yakiniku EX, like all other Next Meats products, uses no artificial additives and has no cholesterol because no animal derived materials are used, and has significantly less of an environmental impact than regular meat.

Next Meats website

euglena website

SOURCE Next Meats Co., Ltd.

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