Today, R-Water announces the success of TK60, the one minute disinfectant produced by their patented device, being included on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s List N. Bottom Line Distributors, LLC, completed the submission of TK60 (EPA registration No. 99783-1) for review and inclusion on EPA’s List N in April, 2021. Inclusion on the List N enables TK60 to be made available for widespread consumer use.

Disinfectants have long been one of our greatest tools in the fight against infectious diseases. 

R-Water CEO Rayne Guest
R-Water CEO Rayne Guest

With flu, Omicron, and other infectious diseases on the rise, the effectiveness of using a one-minute disinfectant over others continues to be proven by hospitals such as Paris Regional Medical Center, which started using R-Water’s device to more effectively clean and decrease the flow burden in the Emergency Department.  

“We performed internal quality controls, testing our previous chemicals and the solutions produced by R-Water’s device.  We were able to determine that R-Water had a better efficacy for infection prevention and cleanliness,” confirmed Jynnell Elder, Trauma Program Manager for the hospital.

TK60 is a one-step healthcare grade disinfectant proven to be effective against COVID and its variants in as little as 20 seconds, 30 times faster than most products on the market. Tougher to kill pathogens are eliminated in one minute, 10 times faster than most products on the market. The EPA first received these impressive testing results in 2016.

“It was found early on in the pandemic that COVID lives on surfaces for relatively long periods of time,” said R-Water and Bottom Line Distributor CEO Rayne Guest. “While surfaces don’t technically spread COVID and other pathogens from person to person, hands, and objects such as cells phones that touch contaminated surfaces do, which is why hand washing is so important. So long as hand washing is recommended by the CDC, the importance of surface disinfection needs to be stressed, not disregarded.” 

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends using disinfecting products with the shortest contact time possible. The active ingredient in TK60 is hypochlorous acid (HOCI), the same compound produced by white blood cells to fight pathogens.

TK60’s results are particularly meaningful when considering patient room and emergency room turn times in overburdened hospitals. A previous case study revealed that when R-Water was implemented, the healthcare facilities’ Environmental Services team decreased total patient turn time by an average of 49-minutes by using TK60 in place of a 10-minute contact time disinfectant. This means more patients can be seen safely in a shorter time frame.

Prior to the pandemic, facilities such as CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Hospital, located in Tyler, Texas, and the city of Austin, installed R-Water’s devices to streamline disinfecting protocols and reduce the spread of preventable infectious diseases and unnecessary exposure to harmful chemicals.  R-Water’s devices have been used effectively across multiple sectors, including healthcare, education, hospitality, recreational, and municipalities. In addition to being a valuable tool in the fight against COVID, because TK60 is produced on-site, supply chain uncertainty and negative environmental impact is eliminated as well.

During the pandemic, school districts and businesses such as Audi Dallas, the country’s largest Audi service facility, implemented the technology to help stop the spread of COVID.

“In spite of our cleaning protocols early on, we had a lot of people out sick, but since switching to R-Water, we’ve had zero out — it’s an unlikely coincidence. The system also saves us a ton of money compared to what we were spending on disinfectant alone, so it’s a win-win,” said Tom McCollum, President and CEO of Audi Dallas.

About R-Water

R-Water is a woman-owned business based in Texas. R-Water is committed to reducing the spread of preventable infectious diseases, unnecessary human and environmental exposure to toxic chemicals, and plastic waste. To learn more about how you can protect yourself against the threat of COVID-19, visit or contact [email protected].

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