Azcom Technology Announces Production-Ready Radar-Based Solution for Child Presence Detection (CPD)

– Azcom Technology, a leading system engineering company, today announced the availability of its radar sensor-based software solution for Child Presence Detection (CPD) – a key vehicle safety feature mandated by different regulatory bodies to prevent fatal injuries to children when left unattended in a vehicle during hot or cold weather conditions. CPD is a new feature that the European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) will award additional points for as part of its five-star safety rating system.

Azcom Technology Announces Production-Ready Radar-Based Solution for Child Presence Detection (CPD) (PRNewsfoto/Azcom Technology)
Azcom Technology Announces Production-Ready Radar-Based Solution for Child Presence Detection (CPD) (PRNewsfoto/Azcom Technology)

The radar-based solution detects the presence of babies and small children left unattended in the car with extremely high accuracy. For example detection can be made when a child is  sleeping, covered with a blanket, wearing thick clothing or even laying in the foot well. The robust detection algorithm, while guaranteeing reliable child presence detection, also avoids the generation of false alarms due to external factors such as objects left on seats, people walking around the car and meteorological phenomena such as rain, wind or hail. All this is achieved without compromising personal privacy as with other camera-based solutions. 

The solution runs on the automotive mmWave sensor family from Texas Instruments, including the latest AWR6843AOP chipset. It has been developed in close collaboration with automotive Tier-1 vendors and OEMs for different vehicle segments and is already in series production. 

“Azcom’s Child Presence Detection solution exploits radar technology at its best, offering excellent functional and performance capabilities”, said Alessandro Veglio, Azcom Technology Product Line Manager. He added “This solution enables automotive tier-1 vendors and OEMs to accelerate their time to market while meeting both regulatory requirements and safety obligations. The greatest benefit is the avoidance of both serious and fatal injuries to children.”

Azcom’s CPD comes as part of CabinGuard®, a comprehensive in-cabin monitoring solution, which includes the essential features enabling several OEM’s applications like advanced seat belt reminder, intelligent airbags, driverless vehicles, anti-intrusion and others.

We provide all the required customization and support services, such as porting to custom hardware, integration with external ECUs or software modules, calibration and configuration for different vehicle types and sensor installations.

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