Body Cosmetics of Beverly Hills introduces gluteal enhancement

Body Cosmetics of Beverly Hills, a leading provider of cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical treatments, is proud to be one of a small number of practices in Southern California offering gluteal enhancement using silicone buttock implants. For a woman or man considering enhancing the contour of the buttock, silicone buttock implants can present distinct advantages over Brazilian butt-lift (BBL).

“As a primary treatment, silicone implants are an excellent option for the person who is looking to enhance the shape of their buttocks,” says board-certified surgeon Joseph Yadegar, MD, FRCS, FACS, of Body Cosmetics. “This is very similar to a breast implant, and can be placed safely deep within the tissues of the buttock.”

For some patients, buttock implants may be the only option. The traditional BBL is for people who have enough fat for transfer to the buttocks, but for people who are slim and athletic the implants are necessary to achieve the desired buttocks enhancement.

Safe and appropriate placement of buttock implants requires extensive training and a thorough understanding of gluteal anatomy. Unlike BBL’s Dr Yadegar emphasizes that an implant is placed within the bulk of the gluteus maximus muscle.

As with any cosmetic procedure, buttock implants are not a one-size-fits-all approach. For example, while an implant can be chosen and tailored for optimal “posterior projection” (how much the butt “sticks out”), it won’t do much for “lateral enhancement” (the lower part of the proverbial “hourglass”). “For that,” Dr Yadegar says, “tone can add fat, in a limited amount —which most people have — to enhance the silicone implant.”

Buttock implants allow practices such as Body Cosmetics of Beverly Hills to offer the most customized and personal approach to each patient’s needs. In addition to an expert and custom approach to gluteal contouring, Dr Yadegar and his team offer personalized surgical and nonsurgical enhancements for every area of the body. If you’re planning on ‘shopping around’, though, plan on making Body Cosmetics your last stop — Dr Yadegar says, “Rarely do I have patients who come in here and then go somewhere else.”

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SOURCE Yadegar Joseph MD

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