Compassion Behavioral Health Now Accepting Bright Health Plans

– Compassion Behavioral Health is pleased to announce that we are now accepting Bright Health individual and family insurance plans. Bright Health is a carefully curated network of doctors, clinics and hospitals that aim to improve healthcare while lowering out-of-pocket costs. 

Millions of Americans can benefit from treatment for mental health disorders or for an illicit drug abuse or alcohol abuse problem. Of those, only 2.6 million, or 11.2 percent of people, receive treatment at a specialized addiction or mental health treatment facility. A number of barriers are responsible, including the cost of treatment. Without insurance coverage, individuals have a hard time accessing and sustaining high quality treatment services.

Fortunately, more rehabilitation facilities are looking for ways to make treatment more accessible and affordable. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by accepting a wide range of insurance plans. Compassion Behavioral Health accepts most major forms of health insurance and continues to expand our network. Bright HealthCare is the newest insurance program we work with. 

Bright Health offers individual and family health care plans to people in the U.S. To keep costs down, Bright Health has a vast network of carefully selected doctors, hospitals and clinics that clients can use when they need to access healthcare. Because clients are using services from a select, pre-approved network, they’re able to significantly save on the costs of medical care. 

All Bright Health plans adhere to the mandates of the Affordable Care Act and have earned URAC accreditation. This coverage helps lower the costs of inpatient and outpatient detox, rehabilitation and treatment services, as well as prescription medications. To learn more about using Bright Health insurance to pay for your addiction or mental health treatment services in Hollywood, Florida, contact Compassion Behavioral Health today at 844-358-7502. 

Compassion Behavioral Health is a treatment center that provides inpatient and outpatient treatment for addiction and mental health disorders. We offer various levels of care to ensure personalized attention for each client. With these services, clients can be successful in quitting drug and alcohol use and sustaining long-term mental and physical recovery. 

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