Daniel Hallen, NHS England and NHS Improvement

Daniel Hallen has had a varied career to date, with roles in both the private and public sector, but always revolving around transformation. 

He studied law originally, but had an interest in technology, data and people, and what the three can achieve together. “For most of my career I’ve been looking at transformation, and how we can improve things. I’m very passionate about creating a healthcare system that really works for our patients and clinical staff” he says. 

As a leader he says his approach aligns with his core values of compassion, honesty, consensus, and openness. “Sometimes my position is to set the vision and lead, but other times my role is to harness that vision, let others be creative and help them make that happen.” 

Rather than use the phrase “managing people” he sees this as working together, with compassion and understanding. He sees these two elements as especially important, “particularly over the last 12 months. I think we’ve grown closer as a community with a really big understanding of how things actually work.” Consensus is also crucial. “I believe we can achieve so much more as a community when we work together and everybody brings a contribution, no matter how large or how small.

“Years of working in this sort of environment has taught me that you’ve got to have the right people to help you make a really strong decision and not to blow your own trumpet. But as part of the North West digital team in England, we’ve got a pretty impressive track record for delivering transformation. We provide a platform for people to develop their skills, acquire knowledge and transform services.” 

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