Digital Diagnostics Provides New Designation to Top Executives

Digital Diagnostics recently announced the  designation of Co-Founder to the company’s CEO and President/COO, John Bertrand and Seth Rainford, respectively, after a Board of Directors confirmation. The new  designations follow the company rebrand from IDx Technologies to Digital Diagnostics, and significant growth from an autonomous AI diagnostic company focused on eye  diseases, to a comprehensive autonomous AI platform. The platform opens future  capabilities of diagnosing hundreds of diseases and improving outcomes for a wide  range of patients. These C-suite updates recognize the growth plans and innovations of  a company that seeks to advance the use of AI across additional clinical applications.

“John and Seth have the vision to make Digital Diagnostics a world-class leader in  healthcare diagnostics,” said Michael Abramoff, MD, PhD, Founder, and Executive chairman of Digital Diagnostics. “I created autonomous AI and our first product, IDx-DR, to improve healthcare productivity and access and to reduce health disparities. As a retina specialist, I recognized the diabetic eye exam care gap, leading to patients showing up with permanent loss of vision that could have been avoided. IDx-DR is the solution to making the diabetic eye exam available at the point of care. The three of us are now expanding this diagnostic platform beyond the eye to close more care gaps for a variety of disease states, which is the underpinning of Digital Diagnostics. I’m honored that the Board agreed with my proposal to name John and Seth as co-founders, as IDx-DR is only the beginning, and we have an aggressive product development roadmap ahead of us to scale point-of-care diagnostics across specialties.”

Digital Diagnostics flagship product, IDx-DR, is the autonomous AI diagnostic system  for the detection of diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema at the point-of-care. The product is the first FDA cleared autonomous AI in healthcare. Building on the  ethical principles established during the creation and validation of IDx-DR, Digital  Diagnostics continues to be guided by a mission to transform the quality, accessibility,  equity, and affordability of healthcare. 

Bertrand and Rainford understand and embrace the complex ecosystem that healthcare  is made up of, from patients, payors and providers to government agencies, health systems, academics, and private entities.

“We are working on large-scale adoption of autonomous AI designed and built the right way to enable the advancements healthcare needs to ultimately improve the entire system, with patient outcomes at the forefront of that mission,” said Rainford. “Our company also recognizes that increased distribution of IDx-DR and a deep product development pipeline are key to future advancements from Digital Diagnostics.”

“Seth and I remain grounded by the company vision to remove barriers in healthcare for patients and improve outcomes,” said Bertrand. “We know what it takes to do AI the Right Way at scale. As we look to the future, we remain a scientifically rigorous organization with a heart dedicated to putting patient outcomes first.”

About Digital Diagnostics Inc.  
Digital Diagnostics Inc. is a pioneering autonomous AI diagnostics company on a  mission to transform the quality, accessibility, equity, and affordability of global  healthcare through the application of technology in the medical diagnosis and treatment  process. The company, originally founded by Michael Abramoff, MD, PhD, a  neuroscientist, practicing fellowship-trained retina specialist, and computer engineer, is  led in partnership with co-founders, John Bertrand, and Seth Rainford. Today, Digital  Diagnostics platform includes two autonomous AI systems, IDx-DR and DermSpot. 

Digital Diagnostics is paving the way for autonomous AI diagnosis to become a new  standard of care, contributing to democratizing healthcare and closing care gaps. The  company works closely with patient advocacy groups, federal regulators, and other  quality of care and ethics-focused stakeholders to enable adoption of autonomous AI.  For more information and the latest news follow:

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