Discover the Future of Sleep with Essentia Organic Mattress’s Memorial Day Sale

Essentia Organic Mattress, the premier eco-luxury mattress brand, is excited to announce its Memorial Day Sale. From today through May 31st, customers can save 25% sitewide on Essentia’s collection of organic performance mattresses manufactured in Essentia’s GOLS and GOTS-certified organic factory, creating the perfect sleep environment for true rejuvenation.

Essentia’s patented sleep technology and biohacking innovations, including activated quartz and EMF protection, are designed to optimize sleep quality and promote overall health and wellness. The Classic REM5 and Dormeuse REM9 are Essentia’s next generation of performance mattresses, incorporating activated quartz to sleep up to five and nine degrees cooler over an 8-hour sleep cycle, helping to eliminate heat as a sleep stimulant and ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep. As an added benefit, Essentia’s EMF Protection Foam formula is unique to the brand, protecting sleepers from electromagnetic radiation brought on by 3G, 4G, and 5G waves that can disrupt sleep by affecting blood cells and how they flow through the body.

Our mission is to revolutionize sleep optimization and promote overall health and wellness through innovative biohacking technologies,” says Jack Dell’Accio, CEO & Founder of Essentia. “We are thrilled to offer this opportunity for customers to experience the ultimate sleep experience at a discounted price during our Memorial Day Sale.”

Essentia’s dedication to fostering a sleep environment that promotes health and wellness goes beyond just their premium mattresses. Essentia takes a thoughtful and intentional approach to every aspect of their business, from the materials they source to the products they create. All components are carefully selected for their purity and eco-friendliness, ensuring that each element of their products support a clean, ethical, and rejuvenating sleep experience. Essentia believes that creating an environment that prioritizes wellness, can help customers achieve a better quality of life.

During the Memorial Day Sale, customers can take advantage of Essentia’s 120-Night Mattress Sleep Trial, FREE Shipping, 20-Year Mattress Warranty, and 0% APR, 12 Month Financing Available with Affirm. Explore the forefront of sleep innovation and discover how Essentia is pioneering a new era of wellness-focused sleep with cutting-edge biohacking technologies.

About Essentia Organic Mattress
Essentia Organic Mattress is the world’s only organic latex slow-response foam mattress designed for the best sleep ever from the inside out. The eco-luxury brand is dedicated to creating a sleep environment that extends Deep and REM Sleep cycles by 20 to 60%. This is made possible by eliminating sleep stimulants, something only achieved by Essentia’s patented technology. In addition, its mattresses are free of harmful toxins, allergens, and off-gases found in synthetic mattresses, so customers can reap the full health benefits of sleep without harming themselves or the environment. Non-toxic and certified organic, Essentia’s patented vegan technology has us pouring our energy into your nights so that you can pour yours into your most vibrant days. Offering top-of-the-line, innovative, healthy sleep solutions championed by pro athletes and health gurus alike, Essentia’s patented natural latex foam and molding technology address comfort and health without compromise.

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