DVHCC and BeneCard PBF Renew Partnership of Providing Clinically Appropriate, Cost-Effective Pharmacy Benefits

The Delaware Valley Health Care Coalition (DVHCC) and BeneCard Pharmacy Benefit Facilitator (BeneCard PBF) announce the renewal of their partnership to deliver cost-effective pharmacy benefits that are clinically appropriate for each covered individual.

“BeneCard PBF is pleased to continue working with DVHCC funds and their members to lower health care costs with a transparent pass-through option,” said Michael Perry, President of BeneCard PBF. “This renewal demonstrates our shared commitment to bringing the highest possible value of pharmacy benefits to DVHCC’s members.” 

Both organizations share a mission to control healthcare costs by focusing on each individual patient.Tweet this

The collaboration of the DVHCC and BeneCard PBF is unique, with both organizations focused on bringing innovative solutions to the market. The organizations share a mission to control healthcare costs by focusing on patient interests. BeneCard PBF helps the DVHCC achieve this goal by eliminating wasteful spending and improving patient safety, using best-of-breed clinical programs to be certain members receive the medications that are right for them. 

“BeneCard PBF has pioneered a transparent, clinically focused model that keeps patients at the forefront. They have proven that their model, driven by patient-centric clinical coordination of care, reduces costs,” stated John Heenan, President of DVHCC. “The continuation of our partnership affords our member funds access to industry leading service, cost control and the flexibility they require.”

About BeneCard PBF
BeneCard PBF is a clinically driven prescription benefit facilitator that produces superior, proven clinical results that deliver lasting savings. Through innovative programs such as pharmacogenetics and pay-for-performance, BeneCard PBF aligns its interests with patients and plan sponsors to bring a transparent, ethical approach to pharmacy benefit management. By putting clinical considerations first, BeneCard PBF has delivered industry leading trends year after year that support plan sponsors in providing members with affordable, accessible, high-quality care. For more information, please contact [email protected].

About the DVHCC
The DVHCC is a non-profit, voluntary association comprised of Taft-Hartley Funds, municipalities, governmental entities, schools, and school districts. The coalition provides access to reduced healthcare costs and innovative, quality health care tailored to meet the individual needs of its membership. To learn more about the DVHCC, visit dvhcc.org, contact the DVHCC at [email protected], or call John Heenan at 215-676-7940. 

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