ExpressionMed CEO & Founder, Thiel Fellow, Meghan Sharkus Celebrates Five Years of Successful Business

ExpressionMed is excited to celebrate five years of providing the diabetes community with fun and creative continuous glucose monitor (CGM) adhesives, which aim to build confidence and end the stigma around diabetes. The Minneapolis-based company will be celebrating their June 26 birthday with live Instagram and Tik Tok events featuring prominent people from the diabetes community, social media posts with memories from the company’s history, a special anniversary sale, and the release of a brand-new ExpressionMed tape design.

ExpressionMed Founder & CEO Meghan Sharkus with ExpressionMed tape
ExpressionMed Founder & CEO Meghan Sharkus with ExpressionMed tape

ExpressionMed Founder and CEO Meghan Sharkusis a Wisconsin native who founded ExpressionMed in 2016. What started as an idea to build confidence for a close friend has grown over the past five years into a multi-million-dollar company with a mission to improve the quality of life for device wearers. Ms. Sharkus is an accomplished businesswoman and has received several awards, including being the 2016 Minnesota Cup Youth Division winner, Harvard’s WIB International Business Competition 2017 winner, Schultze Entrepreneurship Challenge 2018 winner, and more, while continuing to expand her business. She is also a University Innovation Fellow and a Thiel Fellow.

“ExpressionMed was built for every parent who knows that diabetes isn’t just a lifestyle change for a child but a whole family; every energetic kid that doesn’t let a disease stop them from doing what they want to do; and every person who has faced difficult times and bounced back more confident and happy than people who can’t imagine what diabetes is,” said ExpressionMed CEO and Founder Meghan Sharkus. “They are the reason our staff works tirelessly every day to bring this product to life.”

Today, ExpressionMed sells over a million tapes each year in over 200 designs in 43 different countries out of their Minneapolis office. Their products are made and packaged in the USA and are waterproof, frayproof, and easy to apply and wear. Products and additional information can be found at

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Meghan Sharkus – ExpressionMed Founder & CEO 
ExpressionMed Founder & CEO Meghan Sharkus with ExpressionMed tape 

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