Eye Care Leaders Works to Keep Customers Ahead of the Curve

Eye Care Leaders™ is working to keep our providers and their practices ahead of technology and the regulatory environment. As previously announced to our customers, advancements in technology along with the Cures Act and other compliance requirements have led to the decision to retire some of our software products so that we can focus our company investments on a smaller number of industry-leading platforms. With greater focus on a consolidated product portfolio, which includes the cloud-based and Cures Act-compliant software suites iMedicware™ and My Vision Express™, Eye Care Leaders™ can give our customers the best in regular software releases, feature upgrades, and improved support over many years to come. All customers of IOPracticeWare™, KeyMed™, PennMed™, and Integrity™ will receive a free upgrade to iMedicWare™ or My Vision Express™ with free supplemental training and no change to their current pricing. More information about iMedicWare™ and My Vision Express™ is available at EyeCareLeaders.com.

Following this new company strategy of increased focus on our flagship products, Eye Care Leaders™ made the difficult decision today to part ways with some of our valued staff members. Though we are not alone in the technology industry in having to reduce staff during these challenging economic times, we do not take this development lightly. Each departing staff member is receiving two months of severance and an invitation to connect with recruiting resources. Please share this release with any contacts who may be looking to hire fantastic professionals or reach out to us at [email protected].

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