Global KRAS Inhibitors Drug Market Sales Size Opportunity Clinical Development To Surpass USD 1 Billion By 2025

“Global KRAS Inhibitors Market Opportunity & Clinical Trials Outlook 2025”Report Highlights:

  • KRAS Inhibitors Market Opportunity: > USD 1 Billion by 2025 
  • Initially US To Dominate KRAS Inhibitors Market: >90% Market Share 
  • Number of KRAS Inhibitors In Trials: > 20 Drugs 
  • Highest Phase of Clinical Development: Phase-III Study 
  • Solid Tumors Targeted Drugs Dominating The Clinical Trials 
  • Global KRAS Inhibitors Market Trends & Dynamics 
  • Global KRAS Inhibitors Market Future Opportunity Outlook

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Table of Content

1. Introduction to KRAS Inhibitors

  1.1 Overview

  1.2 Evolution of KRAS Inhibitors

2. Role of KRAS Inhibitors in Cancer

3. KRAS Inhibitors – Mode of Action

4. KRAS Inhibitors For Targeting Lung Cancer

  4.1 Impact of KRAS Inhibitors on Lung Cancer

  4.2 Ongoing Research & Development

    4.2.1 AMG 510 (Sotorasib)

    4.2.2 MRTX849 (Adagrasib)

    4.2.3 Other Investigational KRAS Inhibitors for Lung Cancer

5. KRAS Inhibitors in Pancreatic Cancer

  5.1 Role of KRAS Inhibitors in Pancreatic Cancer

  5.2 Recent Advancement in Pancreatic Cancer Targeting KRAS Inhibitors

6. KRAS Inhibitors for Colorectal Cancer

  6.1 Potential of KRAS Inhibitors Against Colorectal Cancer

  6.2 Ongoing Research & Development

7. KRAS inhibitors For Other Cancers

  7.1 Potential of KRAS Inhibitors as Hematological Cancer Therapeutics

  7.2 KRAS inhibitors in Prostate Cancer

  7.3 KRAS Inhibitors for Gastric Cancer

  7.4 KRAS Inhibition in Endometrium Cancer

  7.5 Role of KRAS Inhibitors in Brain Cancer

8. Global KRAS Protein inhibitors Clinical Trials Indicators

  8.1 By Phase

  8.2 By Country

  8.3 By Company

  8.4 By Indication

  8.5 By Patient Segment

9. Global KRAS Protein Isnhibitors Clinical Pipeline By Company, Indication & Phase

  9.1 Research

  9.2 Preclinical

  9.3 Phase-I

  9.4 Phase-I/II

  9.5 Phase-II

  9.6 Phase-III

10. Global KRAS Inhibitors Market Analysis: Current Scenario

11. Global KRAS Inhibitors Market Trends

  11.1 Revolution Medicines’ KRAS-G12(ON) Inhibitor Shows Prominent Anti-Tumor 


  11.2 Boehringer Ingelheim & Mirati Therapeutics Collaborated to Study 

  Combinational KRAS Inhibitor Therapy

  11.3 Merck Signed a Licensing Deal with Taiho & Astex for Developing KRAS 

  Targeting Therapies

  11.4 Strata Collaborated with Mirati Therapeutics for Conducting Trial of MRTX849

  11.5 Revolution Medicine Collaborated with Amgen to Evaluate SHP2 & KRAS 

  Inhibitors Combinational Therapy

  11.6 Oncogenuity – New Player in KRAS Inhibitor Development

  11.7 Miratis & Novartis Collaborated to Assess KRAS Inhibitor Based Combinational 


12. Global KRAS Inhibitors Market Dynamics

  12.1 Driving Factors for KRAS Inhibitor Market

  12.2 Challenges for KRAS Inhibitors Market

13. Global KRAS Inhibitors Market Future Opportunity Outlook

14. Competitive Landscape

  14.1 Amgen

  14.2 Mirati Therapeutics

  14.3 Revolution Medicines

  14.4 Boehringer Ingelheim

  14.5 Merck

  14.6 Moderna

  14.7 Silenseed 

  14.8 Johnson & Johnson

  14.9 Eli Lilly

  14.10 Oblique Therapeutics

  14.11 Cotinga Pharmaceuticals

  14.12 Codiak Biosciences

  14.13 Gilead

In the past few years, cancer therapeutics market got adjoined with a novel therapeutic approach for the benefit of the patients who were not receiving any healthcare opportunities from the available therapies. Continues research studies conducted for cancer metabolism have led to the successful reveal of the gene that is most responsible for the development of different types of cancer and the gene is called as KRAS gene. The mutated form of the gene and targeting of the respective gene by the researchers ultimately led to the arrival of a novel therapeutic approach for the treatment of different types of cancers. As of now, the therapy is at very early stage of development but the early stage result of the therapeutic approach holds promising potential to deliver preventive measures to cure the disease in short period of time.  

The current market details for the therapy is holding true values against the different mechanism of development of cancer as by targeting the mutated gene by the inhibitors of drugs, researchers can powerfully deliver hopes and expectations to millions of cancer patients. Some of the cancer types for which the therapeutic approach is believed to deliver promising results are non-small cell lung cancer, colorectal cancer and several different solid cancers. In order to further spread the therapeutic approach in different parts of the world, researchers have started undergoing research collaborations and partnerships for exchanging expertise and in order to achieve a successful entry in the overall cancer therapeutics market. 

The overall basic research conducted for the market is estimated to involve several basic research which in turn led to the development of a fundamental innovative treatment approach that was lacking in other cancer therapies. The market in a short period of time has been associated with a large community of researchers, visioners, patient recruitment and clinicians so that unraveling of the therapeutic potentials could be done at faster pace. The accelerating pace of the market progress at clinical and pre-clinical level is believed to develop a comprehensive outlook of the therapy which in turn could link hundreds of trends and opportunities for the patient population across the globe. 

The current market status for the innovative approach has got associated with high-rate progressive research trials and publications. In a short period of time, the global outputs associated with the market is estimated to deliver healthcare benefits to the patients who are in urgent need of such inhibitors in the cancer market. As per the research conducted for Global KRAS inhibitor drug market, it can be stated that the market is currently associated with large growth rate in all the disciplines of cancers. The whole research and development scenario of the market is reflecting number of trends and opportunities for the researchers and the patients. 

As per the extensive analysis, it is believed that the therapeutic approach at clinical level is believed to end the long-lasting waiting scenario of the cancer therapeutics market for an effective treatment that is able to inhibit the main function of mutated gene in the cancer disease. The overall future years of the respective therapeutic approach is believed to experience a strong influx of several potent drugs and an accelerated growth rate. Some of the unprecedented drivers that are regulating the future of the market are: increase in cancer cases, innovative treatment approach and potential clinical trial results. The global insight for the future KRAS inhibitor market is estimated to re-define the comprehensive success meter of the therapy, thus leading to a phase, where KRAS inhibitor market will be dominating the entire cancer therapeutics world.

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