Offers Free Access to 300 Nutritionist-approved Recipes

Home cooks can now access Healthy Kitchen 101 LLC’s collection of nutritionist-approved recipes on its new domain at, announced Luna Regina, founder of the company.

“More people are cooking at home due to lockdown, and more are coming to us every day for ideas and inspirations for their meals. We developed to cater to this ever-growing audience of food lovers. The whole website is dedicated to introducing healthy recipes and everything food-related,” says Regina.

The more than 300 recipes were previously published on, which also features reviews of kitchen appliances. According to Regina, the company plans to have about 800 more recipes posted on the new website by the end of 2021. 

“Cooking at home will become the new normal for many people even after the pandemic, as we re-discover the nutritional, therapeutic, and social benefits of having homemade meals. But you will hit the variety wall after a while and may become discouraged by the mental load of figuring out what to cook every day. We eliminate that problem by introducing a large collection of recipes for every meal in the day,” says Regina, the company’s CEO and chief recipe developer. 

Healthy Recipes 101 comes with a vibrant theme as well as improved navigation and load speed. The recipes are divided into different categories: by course, cuisine, ingredient, and cooking method. The new website also allows for quick access to thirty-minute recipes. 

The recipes are developed by Regina following their food guidelines before being refined by a professional chef for taste and presentation. Each and every one of them is audited by a registered dietitian nutritionist for nutritional content. 

“All these recipes follow our NDR-approved healthy eating guidelines, which were established based on the USDA’s dietary guidelines for the public as well as latest nutrition and dietetic studies,” stated Regina, who is herself a nutritionist. 

The daily meal plans that come with each main course — a feature launched earlier this year — are also part of the new website., meanwhile, will continue to feature buying guides and reviews for kitchen appliances, as well as kitchen setup and maintenance tips. 

“The separation means that content on this site will focus on the more technical aspects of kitchen improvement — the setup and equipment to accommodate safe and quick cooking while allowing for a fun experience,” says Luna.

About the Company

Healthy Kitchen 101 LLC is a company whose mission is to make science-based eating more delicious, effortless, and approachable for the general public. Founded by Luna Regina in 2017, the company now owns and operates two websites: and The sites are go-to resources for home cooks and food lovers from all over the world looking for ideas and inspiration for kitchen development and healthy home-made meals.

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