Localz Partners with MRI Software to Improve the Resident Experience and Drive Savings for the Social Housing Market

 Localz, leading experts in last-mile location and messaging technology, have partnered with MRI Software, a global leader in real estate technology, to improve customer experience, increase first-time access and drive operational savings for the social housing sector. 

MRI’s solutions empower social housing providers to adopt digital innovations and customer-centric technologies that drive efficiencies and transform communities. MRI has over 40 years of industry experience, and brings together the best in social housing solutions, including Castleton Technology, Real Asset Management, Orchard, and Housing Partners. 

Localz technology complements and extends the functionality of MRI’s existing repairs platform to provide ‘Uber-style’ solutions to ensure no appointments are missed. Find My Engineer keeps customers in the loop by sending automated ETA messages with real-time tracking to view the arrival of mobile operatives.

These messages reduce failed appointments by over 20% and increase customer satisfaction, while saving time and money and improving overall efficiencies.

Localz powers Find My Engineer by MRI with these key features:

  • Reminders – automated reminders and notifications make it easy to keep customers in the know.
  • Tracking – real-time operative tracking ensures customers are ready and waiting for their appointment.
  • Messaging – two-way communication between the customer and mobile operative speeds up access.
  • Feedback – dynamic feedback forms are sent to customers the moment an operative leaves the property.

“We know that customers are accustomed to personalized, “Uber-style” services, so we want to ensure that we can match these experiences in our solutions,” said Trevor Youens, Senior Director of Partners and Residential Solutions at MRI Software. “Localz technology enables us to do just that, plus increase operational efficiencies, drive cost savings, and even help organisations reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating unnecessary journeys.”

“Today’s end-customer is accustomed to ultra-connected experiences. Keeping your customers informed on the day of service with clear, real-time location visibility they can trust is crucial to maintaining customer satisfaction. Not only that, MRI will be able to increase the value of its service for its customers, their tenants and operatives and gain a competitive edge in the market,” said Tim Andrew, CEO and Co-Founder at Localz.

About Localz

Localz are experts at digital customer engagement, combining real-time location tracking and multi-party customer communications. Localz takes the last mile complexity out of service appointments, offering businesses configurable solutions to make the day of service awesome and keep customers in control.

The Localz modular platform enables real-time service tracking, accurate ETAs, two-way and multi-party communication, along with instant feedback forms. Localz is proven to reduce no-access rates, call centre volume, follow-up calls and operational time while increasing customer satisfaction.

Industry-leading clients around the world use Localz, including Clarion Housing, Watford Housing Trust, Wates, RAC, HSS Hire, OVO Energy, Welsh Water, Autoglass, Rentokil, and Woolworths. 

For more information: www.localz.com 


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