Logicalis Australia deploys Citrix Workspace to healthcare provider Peninsula Health

Melbourne-based public healthcare provider Peninsula Health has tapped Logicalis Australia to deploy Citrix Workspace for its telehealth capability.

Based in Frankston, Victoria on the Mornington Peninsula, Peninsula Health operates a number of hospitals, health services providers and aged care providers in the area.

Logicalis was tapped to allow Peninsula Health to keep operations running as the COVID-19 pandemic prompted lockdowns last year, and form the foundation for telehealth services and virtual patient consultations.

Peninsula Health chose Citrix Workspace for its collaboration capabilities, contextual security and a shared environment for users. The platform had to be up and running within two weeks in response to the lockdowns.

“The two challenges that were presented to us immediately were the need for remote working and delivering telehealth services,” Peninsula Health director of IT infrastructure Warren Kulpa said.

Logicalis Australia engagement manager Sam Psathas said the companies did not have the luxury of sitting down and thinking about what to do when the lockdowns started. “We had to move fast,” he said.ADVERTISING

“[Citrix Workspace] was the perfect solution because we were able to size it to fit the number of users the hospital had on day one and then expand that out fairly rapidly over time,” Psathas added. “We went live with actual users on the system in just three weeks.”

The platform allowed Peninsula Health to deploy secure digital workspaces while placing
their sensitive app, desktop and data resources on any cloud or hybrid cloud.

Peninsula Health operations director Alison Watts said, “The feedback from our clinical staff has been that telehealth and virtual solutions can deliver as good and, in some cases, even better services for patients than a face-to-face consultation.”

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