MedC Biopharma Partners with A2W Pharma to develop Cannabinoid Therapeutics

 MedC Biopharma today announced a partnership with A2W Pharma of Maltain the development of MedC’s proprietary novel cannabinoid formulations for the treatment of various cancer-related indications. A2W is a subsidiary of Amino Chemicals of Malta, which is a subsidiary of ABA Chemicals of China, a global pharmaceutical company.

MedC Biopharma Partners with A2W Pharma to develop Cannabinoid Therapeutics
MedC Biopharma Partners with A2W Pharma to develop Cannabinoid Therapeutics

MedC Biopharm is focused on cannabinoid drug therapeutics. MedC’s methodology rapidly screens for combinations of synergetic cannabinoids in treating various medical indications. Skin cancers are MedC’s primary targets. MedC has discovered and developed so far 2 such patented cannabinoid combinations for the treatment of CTCL Sezary, CTCL MF and Actinic Keratosis.

A2W Pharma launched in April 2022 a new cannabinoid production facility in Malta and is focused on bridging the gaps that exist between pharmacology and medicine, providing better access to the benefits that lie within the cannabis plant.

Peter Paul Farrugia, Director of A2W: “A2W leverages 30 years’ experience of its parent company: Amino Chemicals Ltd in API process development, GMP and regulatory compliance, and innovative routes to target cannabinoid molecules means we are the partner of choice for a successful launch of your pharmaceutical formulation”.

The partnership between the organizations was led by Lilac Mandeles, CEO TechforCann and includes MedC’s exclusivity with A2W and A2W’s commitment to invest around 2 million euros directly in the drug development of MedC’s patented CTCL treatments.

Lilac Mandeles” “The cooperation between both organizations will expedite MedC’s clinical and commercial programs, overcoming regulatory challenges and bringing hope for skin cancer patients worldwide “

Avi Drori, CEO of MedC: “We are very excited about collaborating with A2W on our drug development program. A2W strategy fits perfectly with ours, bridging the gap between cannabinoid-based medication and regulatory requirement through synthesized therapeutics which guarantees safety, consistency and predictability that both patient and doctors justly expect.”About MedC Biopharma Corporation

MedC Biopharma Corporation is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused the development of cancer & cancer related cannabinoid-molecule based therapeutic formulations and medicines. Our research and development is carried out by Professor Hinanit Koltai, using who has developed a state of the art drug discovery platform using proprietary High Throughput Screening and Bioinformatics Analysis.

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