MyLife and PARENTS Partner To Create Mindful Meditations To Help Moms Lighten Their Mental Load

 Meredith Corporation (NYSE: MDP) brands MyLife, a personalized mindfulness and emotional wellness app for kids and adults, and PARENTS, the leading source for busy, millennial moms, are teaming up to create a new mindfulness program aimed at helping overburdened moms. Launching in the MyLife app on March 30th, the 7-part program, “Quick Mental Unloads for Moms” will be a collection of short, powerful activities that supports busy moms. 

The special curated section, which can be completed on any schedule or in any order, will offer everything from simple ways to help moms forgive themselves to self-compassion exercises, along with a selection of meditations, yoga moves, and reflections to give moms the care they deserve. Each of the activities range in length from 3 minutes to 12 minutes.

Julia Dennison, Digital Content Director of PARENTS, said, “As a working mom with a young daughter, I’m proud to partner with MyLife to create this new series to help parents deal with the stress and anxiety that’s been exacerbated for so many in the last year. I’m always focused on providing our audience with expert advice and solutions to everyday parenting issues, and this new program takes it to the next level by offering an experience they can interact with in real time and at their convenience.”

As part of the brand’s overall effort to support moms, PARENTS hosts a digital content series called Project Mental (Un)Load that’s all about bringing attention to the invisible load and unspoken burdens of parenthood to get the change needed for parents to thrive. This content spotlight can be found here:

“A year into this pandemic, stress and anxiety has reached epidemic levels, especially for moms. We were already carrying so much emotional weight, and now there’s even more pressure,” says MyLife Cofounder Jamie Price. “Just like the airplane rule, it helps when parents put their own oxygen mask on first. We need to sustain our own emotional wellness in order to be able to support our families. Study after study has shown that just a few minutes per day of mindfulness can significantly improve our mental well-being. This can be as simple as pausing to reflect while brushing your teeth.”

A recent report from Bright Horizons Family Solutions found that working moms are three times more likely to manage the children’s schedules and household responsibilities than working dads. And, according to a recent Meredith Corporation study on the Post-Normal Consumer, 39% of moms said their mental health declined during the pandemic.

The MyLife app is available on iOS, Android and Amazon Alexa and online at

About MyLife 
MyLife is a mindfulness app that is customized to match your emotions, starting every session with ‘how are you feeling?’  The emotional wellness platform helps both kids and adults build the emotional strength and confidence to handle whatever comes their way. Co-founded by Jamie Price and Julie Campistron in 2015, the mindfulness app has over 400+ mindfulness activities based on user emotions. MyLife, which was purchased by Meredith Corporation (NYSE: MDP) in 2019, is available as a mobile app for iOS and Android, as a skill on Amazon Alexa and has developed a mindfulness curriculum for schools. Visit for more.

PARENTS, the leading source for busy, millennial moms, reaches 8.3 million readers monthly through an award-winning magazine and over 19 million readers on its digital and social platforms. With an understanding that raising good people is the most important job, PARENTS serves up trusted advice that empowers moms and dads to care for their kids with confidence and find ways to enjoy the ride. PARENTS is produced by Meredith Corporation (NYSE: MDP).

SOURCE Meredith Corporation

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