NeoRhythm Wellness Wearable–Soon to Be a Medical Device–is a Finalist for the World Healthcare Innovation Award

 NeoRhythm is already a big hit. Launched by one of the most successful campaigns in the history of Indiegogo, and with over 8000 happy users and counting, this wellness wearable is going from strength to strength. The latest triumph is the inclusion of NeoRhythm among the top 15 Wearables Techpreneurs 2021 awards and beat out more than 600 top competitors to make it to the finals for the World Healthcare Innovation Award as part of the 12th annual IoT/WT Innovation World Cup.

NeoRhythm is a wearable wellness device that uses tried-and-true PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy to allow the user to choose their preferred state of mind. PEMF technology has been FDA-approved and in regular use by medical practitioners the world over for decades, but what is new is its adaptation as a comfortable tech wearable for home use.

NeoRhythm’s Quantum Leap Forward
NeoRhythm is already a fully functioning platform, so advanced and engaged that it is the focus of the world’s largest laboratory study of the effects of PEMF home therapy, providing data from over 7000 volunteers. But NeoRhythm is in the process of upgrading from wellness wearable to medical device, developing advanced protocols for the treatment of pain, depression, Parkinson’s disease, some types of cancer and more. 

Leaning from Wellness to Medical  
Although the NeoRhythm’s initial goal was to become an affordable wellness tool, combining the all-around benefits of PEMF therapy with the effectiveness of brainwave entrainment, the company quickly expanded their scientific research and began to develop their further plans for the device. The scientific work, undertaken alongside leading independent European experts on depression, seeks to constantly optimize NeoRhythm’s programs to allow the PEMF wearable to help treatments of pain, depression, Parkinson’s disease, and even cancer, in addition to its basic, proven functions of easing moderate pain, assisting with sleep, promoting concentration and encouraging deeper meditation. 

The Next Step: From Wellness Wearable to Medical Device 
Now, thanks to the success of NeoRhythm and independent research projects supporting and expanding its efficacy, the future looks bright. NeoRhythm plans to register in the near future as an official medical device. It will remain just as safe, non-invasive and affordable. But it will become even more effective.


SOURCE MDCN Technologies Inc.

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