New Method Wellness Named Center of Excellence for Hall of Fame Behavioral Health

– New Method Wellness, a highly specialized dual diagnosis program focused on the treatment of addiction and mental health has announced its partnership with Hall of Fame Behavioral Health.  Having aligned itself with numerous ambassadors including Pro Football Hall of Fame President & CEO David Baker; Hall of Famers Ronnie Lott, Brian Dawkins, Steve Atwater, Andre Reed and Tim Brown; current players Adrian Peterson and Calais Campbell, this program is dedicated to finding comprehensive solutions through a network of mental and behavioral health services designed specifically for current and former professional athletes and their families. 

Wolf Therapy at New Method Wellness
Wolf Therapy at New Method Wellness

Located in Southern Orange County, California, New Method Wellness merges evidence-based clinical practices with a full array of holistic methodologies centered on treating the mind, body, and spirit of each client.  Offering world-class amenities and location, New Method Wellness is dedicated to the creation of sustainable, long-term recovery outcomes for its patients. 

“We are overjoyed at the opportunity to join in this collaborative mission aimed at removing the stigma of substance abuse and mental health disorders for high-impact athletes and their families,” said Brook McKenzie, Director of Clinical Outreach for New Method Wellness. “Ever since our inception, we have strived to adopt the most cutting edge, first-in class treatment methodologies proven to bring about lasting, life-long improvements in the quality of our client’s lives. Our number one goal is to be the treatment center of choice for person’s who need a unique, highly customized program focused on results.” 

As one of twelve “Centers of Excellence” currently partnered with Hall of Fame Behavioral Health, New Method Wellness will provide concierge access to behavioral health services to those in need.

For more information on what makes New Method Wellness so different, including its extensive and diverse treatment methods and programs, please visit

About New Method Wellness
Located in an oceanfront community, New Method Wellness pairs every client with two therapists from its multidisciplinary team of licensed clinicians. With an emphasis on personalized, high quality care New Method Wellness boasts a 3:1 Staff to Client Ratio to best ensure the individualized high-quality care that every client deserve.

About Hall of Fame Behavioral Health
Hall of Fame Behavioral Health is an affiliate of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Its mission is to provide a comprehensive solution for mental health, behavioral health and substance use issues for all athletes and their families. By partnering with Centers of Excellence across the United States, HOFBH can ensure consistent, high-quality care customized for athletes and those who support them. For more information visit,

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