New Miami-based initiative AccurePCI to catalyze personalized medicine innovation in Miami-Dade

 AccurePCI, a project partnership of Miami foundation Global CoCreation Lab and Silicon Valley-based Cipherome announced today, will address a growing health equity gap with innovative genomics technology for the region’s medical community. The new tools will enable personalized treatment of heart disease patients, including populations historically underrepresented in medical research.

The AccurePCI project represents a growing wave of innovation in Miami, inspiring new technology and businesses in the region to meet its health security and economic resilience needs. Such initiatives are helping the community to overcome chronic challenges and stay ahead of emerging threats.

Pharmacogenomic technology like that being developed in AccurePCI presents diverse potential economic benefits to the region. “Personalized heart disease treatment technology can help Miami-Dade in two major ways: saving costs incurred by complications by limiting adverse drug reactions, and spurring regional business growth in personalized medicine testing services,” said Leland Salomon, Deputy Director, Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources at Miami-Dade County. “It can also be applied to other health care areas, like cancer, depression and anxiety, with similar economic impact.”

A health equity gap has grown between those who participate in clinical development of personalized medicines and devices and those who consume them. While 25% to 42% of FDA-approved drugs have included genomic information on their label over the last four years, less than 1% of Asian Americans, 2% of Latinos and 8% of African Americans have been included in personalized medicine approaches nationwide even though they are a larger percentage of medical consumers. This gap can create health vulnerabilities to FDA-approved medicines, since issues arise when drugs are approved for homogeneous populations and released for general use in diverse ones, like the US. Since people of Latin American, African, and Asian ancestry are disproportionately vulnerable to drug-induced complications, this is especially critical in Miami-Dade County.

AccurePCI aims to use clinically-driven results to help healthcare professionals personalize life-saving treatments for each person in the county’s diverse community, and to catalyze growth of precision medicine businesses using genomics to address the needs of Miami-Dade’s citizens, from sequencing to artificial intelligence-driven algorithms that personalize drug recommendations.

“Genomics can be a powerful tool to personalize treatment. Cipherome’s decision to join the AccurePCI project will help catalyze genomic tools that improve health for everyone in Miami-Dade, including traditionally underrepresented populations,” says Alejandro Roman, Executive Director of the Global CoCreation Lab.

“Cipherome’s Xentinel® Lighthouse platform, which AccurePCI will use, was built with clinicians and patients in mind, and it is bilingual by design,” explains José Estabil, Cipherome Chief Business Officer. “By doing this, it helps us reach our goal to help improve health outcomes and reduce costs by personalizing drug treatment.”

With this technology, clinicians can personalize drug prescriptions and share results with patients, improving health outcomes, access, and equity for underrepresented minorities. “We’re focused now on getting this technology in cardiology caregivers’ hands,” said Roman. “Miami needs it, and we can set a global example for innovation in this area.”

About the Global CoCreation Lab
The Global CoCreation Lab, a Miami-based nonprofit organization, bridges academic research, civic leadership, medicine, and business for community-based healthcare technology innovation and entrepreneurship. Our cocreation ethos and commitment to diverse inclusion in innovation drives more equitable economic and social development.

About Cipherome, Inc.
Cipherome’s goal is to provide best-in-class precision medicine solutions. Cipherome is a venture-backed company headquartered in San Jose, California, and was founded on the belief that every individual deserves the best medicine. Drugs that work for most of the population may not work for everyone. Serious adverse drug reactions (ADRs) occur in certain individuals, but not in others. These differences may be due to inherited factors. Cipherome’s unique patented platform combines many components, including genetics, to reduce ADRs by personalizing drug treatment.

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Global CoCreation Lab
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José Estabil
Cipherome, Inc.
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