Newpark Healthcare Advances Operational Efficiency with IntelliTek Health’s AI-Enabled Document Searc

IntelliTek Health, in collaboration with Newpark Healthcare, is excited to announce our AI-enabled document search, IntelliTek SearchAI – A voice-enabled, generative AI search tool which provides secure, streamlined access to and recall of corporate information from structured and unstructured data formats across digital systems, documents, and third-party sources, from any device. The beta product launched in the Fall of 2022 and was quickly adopted by Newpark Healthcare as part of a suite of initial commercial engagements, supporting their pre-commissioning and commissioning processes with leading EMEA healthcare organizations. The AI-enabled search tool (in the hands of their quality, compliance, and clinical process development teams) demonstrated marked improvements in operational efficiency and cost savings, defining a new standard in healthcare document management, particularly in the realm of voice-enabled, contextual information retrieval.

Newpark Healthcare realized remarkable efficiencies in just 12 weeks. Knowledge workers deployed to the project showcased a 2x-5x performance boost compared to traditional manual methods of information retrieval, with 100% accuracy. “When we use this tool at scale, the performance and cost savings generated are considerable, and we pass these benefits on to our clients,” shared Brian Flood, Chairman of Newpark Healthcare.

IntelliTek SearchAI boosts Newpark Healthcare’s efficiency with 2x-5x performance & $1.1M annual savings.

“This is like having ‘Control F’ across your entire organization, being able to locate crucial documents and information within seconds from any repository the tool can access,” added “Carmel Roberts” SSME Quality and Patient Safety.

Key outcomes from the initial 12 weeks of project engagement include:

  • A 68% reduction in data interrogation time – from 465 hours down to a mere 148 hours per person.
  • $15,000 of cost savings in terms of hours per person due to improved navigation efficiency.
  • Forecasted project savings of over $1.1M annually as the number of knowledge workers increases.

Also, the tool’s ability to quickly access critical patient data at the point of care leads to faster diagnoses and treatment plans, contributing to a 10-17% increase in patient census.

Martyn Molnar, Global Healthcare Lead and AI Products CEO at IntelliTek Health, stated, “Employees spend up to 2.5 hours each day looking for the right information. The automation opportunity in information retrieval and document interrogation across complex projects is tremendous and delivers value in weeks. Healthcare environments amass complex documentation quickly, from compliance policies, processes, equipment manifests, care plans to treatment protocols, and swift navigation to the right information at the right time, is critical to providers looking to deliver a high-quality service.” Molnar added, “Since deployment, we have also been requested to configure the product for other highly regulated industries such as Aviation and Insurance.”

In summary, IntelliTek SearchAI is redefining the landscape of healthcare operations at Newpark Healthcare, fueling both financial and operational efficiencies while elevating patient care standards. With a commitment to technological advancement, we are transforming data accessibility, compliance, and patient experiences – the cornerstones of modern healthcare.

About Newpark Healthcare:
Newpark Healthcare, established in 1984, is a specialist in complete hospital development, expertly steering the path from concept to operation. Our experienced team delivers bespoke solutions to ensure each unique hospital project’s successful launch and sustainable operation. Alongside our partners and clients, we deliver clinically robust, efficient, and commercially sound hospitals ready to serve their communities.

About SmarTek21, LLC and IntelliTek Health:
Recognized globally by Gartner as an AI leader since 2018, SmarTek21 provides Intelligent Technology Transformation to Fortune 500 clients and leading enterprises worldwide. Our technology and services have generated billions in revenue for clients across sectors, including Telecoms, Healthcare, Aviation, Retail, eCommerce, Insurance, and Banking.

IntelliTek Health, a SmarTek21 LLC branch, leads the charge in healthcare technology solutions. With a commitment to addressing current healthcare challenges, IntelliTek Health focuses on delivering AI-powered Productivity and Services to the healthcare industry to enhance operational efficiency, patient care, and regulatory compliance.

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