One Biosciences partners with SAANS Health to build Hive Wellness™

One Biosciences, an innovator in the wellness industry, announces its partnership with SAANS Health, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions company specializing in healthcare. The partnership will enable the development of Hive Wellness™, the first-of-its-kind virtual wellness solution.

Hive Wellness™ is designed to help employers and payers predict, prevent, and manage chronic disease caused by chronic stress by utilizing a whole-person wellness approach. With SAANS Health’s unique ability to predict chronic disease onset and disease trajectory early, coupled with One Biosciences’ expertise in preventing and managing chronic disease, the partnership employs a novel methodology to comprehensively address chronic stress, the primary cause of chronic disease in the United States. 

“Chronic disease accounts for 90% of all healthcare expenditure in the United States and is one of the most pressing issues of our time. I am thrilled that we have partnered with SAANS Health to deliver a solution that realizes our commitment to reducing stress and chronic disease through a highly sophisticated and personalized approach to whole-person wellness,” said Ty Burgess, CEO of One Biosciences.

Given the renewed focus and mounting scientific evidence supporting a whole person approach to wellness, the Hive Wellness platform offers a timely and evidence-based solution for employers and payers to help their people reduce chronic stress. Specifically, the platform provides intervention tools with personalized gamification and nudges to reduce stress to prevent and manage chronic disease. Using a high-tech/high-touch approach, individuals will have virtual access to personalized wellness plans, wellness coaches, and functional medicine doctors designed to support self-empowerment, improve adherence and outcomes. Using healthcare data, Hive Wellness measures progress and continually optimizes wellness plans in collaboration with its users.  

Our partnership with One Biosciences to develop the Hive Wellness platform supports our shared vision to reshape the future of healthcare,” Raju Kattumenu, CEO & Founder of SAANS Health stated. “We look forward to our continued collaboration to build a platform that takes a proactive approach to chronic disease. With Hive Wellness, One Biosciences is creating a completely new approach to the way healthcare is being delivered.”

About One Biosciences (  
One Biosciences, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a next generation digital heath company dedicated to reimagining how health and wellness are delivered. The total cost of chronic disease in the United States has reached $3.7 trillion, approximately 19.6 percent of the country’s GDP, fueling the increasing demand for a new approach to healthcare. One Biosciences brings together a passionate team of entrepreneurs, technologists, clinicians, and holistic health experts, with a resolute focus: to heal the world, one person at a time. Hive Wellness™ is our solution, designed to help manage today’s stress, the leading cause of chronic disease. Purposefully created to guide individuals’ wellness behaviors and activities, with personalized gamification and nudges to reduce stress, combined with a marketplace of trusted products and services that aligns with the individual’s personalized wellness plan.

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About SAANS Health (
SAANS Health, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is an AI-based Healthcare solutions company. The company’s unique prowess is rooted in its patented AIQ engine that is developed in-house, which functions to aid key healthcare ecosystem constituents. SAANS Health is a diverse team of problem solvers consisting of data scientists, engineers, product innovators, design thinkers, polymaths, and medical experts with a pioneering mission to redesigning the future of healthcare. 

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