Prospect Medical Holdings Announces Partnership with Global Care Medical Group IPA

Prospect Medical Holdings (PMH) has announced an alliance with Global Care Medical Group, Inc. (GCMG) to establish a virtual-integrated delivery system (V-IDS). The partnership focuses on integrating PMH’s Coordinated Regional Care (CRC) system and Global Care’s network to ensure quality healthcare is available to 40,000 beneficiaries of the Medi-Cal population in Los Angeles County. 

Through the V-IDS, Prospect and GCMG will jointly provide coordinated health care services for our mutual L.A. Care Health Plan members. The V-IDS provides the opportunity to leverage resources and build an integrated delivery system model that will serve the unique health and social needs of the Medi-Cal patient population in the Los Angeles County.  

This population will now benefit from specialized programs and services focused on improving access to care, addressing social determinants of health needs, and improving the quality of care for our patients.  

By creating and providing this V-IDS, 63,000 patients — including the nearly 40,000 new patients who will be serviced by PMH and GCMG — will have their needs addressed from a comprehensive and holistic approach which includes a thorough understanding of all the supportive services they may not have access to, in addition to standard interventional medical care services.   

About Prospect Medical Holdings, Inc.

Prospect Medical Holdings, Inc., established in 1996, is a growing healthcare services company, emphasizes coordination of care and population health management, with a focus on preventive care. 

Prospect Medical Holdings’ facilities help coordinate quality care for patients through integrated networks of primary and specialty physicians, in affiliation with hospitals, clinics, other community-based providers and health plans.  

Prospect owns and operates 17 hospitals, as well as more than 165 clinics and outpatient centers.  Prospect also manages the provision of healthcare services for more than 600,000 members enrolled in its networks of more than 20,000 primary care physicians and specialists. Prospect’s operations are in in California, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island, and Texas.

About Global Care Medical Group IPA

Global Care Medical Group, IPA Inc. is a multi-specialty Independent Physician Association (IPA), which covers a broad geographic area of Southern California, particularly focused on servicing the most medically underserved population in Los Angeles County. Global Care Medical Group IPA’s mission is to provide quality care for the most vulnerable patients. 

Global Care Medical Group IPA is a rapidly growing organization; affiliated with highly rated primary care physicians, specialty providers, and hospitals. Incorporated in 1993, Global Care Medical Group IPA is systematically organized by the experienced MedPOINT Management team and currently has more than 100,000 patients. With approximately 500 Primary Care Providers and 2,300 Specialty Providers, Global Care Medical Group IPA is a full-service network with health plan and provider agreements in place for all lines of care programs, i.e., commercial, seniors, and Medi-Cal.  

SOURCE Prospect Medical Holdings

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