Ruchika Sikri, Named To Advisory Board Of Human Cosmos App And Cosmos City 2025

Aliya Grig, the Founder and CEO of Cosmos City and Human Cosmos App, is excited to announce that Ruchika Sikri, former Head of Wellbeing and Mindfulness Learning Programs at Google has joined the Advisory Board of both companies. Ruchika will provide strategic and business development support to Cosmos City 2025 and will advise the growth and product development teams of the Human Cosmos App.

The Human Cosmos App is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) and EI (Emotional Intelligence) based personal assistant designed to ensure 24/7 virtual guidance for users who need to balance and enhance quality of life, maintain mental wellness, and achieve personal goals. The App was launched in November 2020 and generated great interest among self-development focused audiences globally.

Cosmos City 2025 is an edutainment center dedicated to Space, Sustainability, Human Development, and the Future. It combines an interactive edutainment area, hotel and residential complex, observatory, climate change and sustainability center, and a space tech hub for entrepreneurs. The facility is designed by Asymptote Architects by Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture, NYC. The mission of the project is to encourage human development and evolution through immersive, emotionally impactful future-focused themed edutainment experiences. The center is planned to launch in California in 2025.

Ms. Sikri, as a Founder of Mandala Ventures, aims to create mindful and compassionate cultures within organizations, support wellness innovations, and enable communities around the world to bring wisdom and compassion into their lives. One of the key offerings of Mandala Ventures is supporting Founders who uplift humanity through products that enable self-introspection and connections with each other. Ruchika’s ultimate goal is to accelerate the growth path of ‘good-for-humans’ technology.

Together Aliya Grig and Ruchika Sikri share a common vision to work towards a future where all people are empowered to achieve their full potential through a deeper understanding of their connection with the universal Cosmos.

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