Shire City Herbals® Assembles Strategic Advisory Board With Deep Range of CPG Expertise

Award-winning, functional-beverage wellness company Shire City Herbals announces the formation of its Advisory Board, featuring a diverse group of business leaders and seasoned Food & Beverage experts. The newly formed Board will support the company as it enters its second decade of business, expands beyond its original Fire Cider product line, and matures from a family-run business into a more focused major player in the rapidly evolving Apple Cider Vinegar category. The Board was built methodically by recently appointed CEO of Shire City Herbals, Kimberly Allardyce.

Shire City Herbals
Shire City Herbals

“I’ve assembled this diverse group of advisors to ensure we maintain an inclusive perspective as we aim to lead in the functional beverage category as well as in the growing proactive wellness movement at large,” said Allardyce.

Shire City Herbals Advisory Board members include:

Antoinette Jones, Director of People Operations at Talespin
Evan Woods, Senior Director of Acquisition & Retention at Ollie
Janna Meyrowitz Turner, President of Style House
Jared Koch, CEO of Clean Plates
Jessica Jaffe, Head of Product Development at Public Goods
Julia Khan, Principal, JWK Consulting and Artist Manager, Artist Nation
Ken Sadowsky, Beverage industry visionary known as “The Beverage Whisperer” 
Leslie Nakajima, Communications and PR Advisor
Marcia Mitchell, Senior Associate at ff Venture Capital 
Sophie Purgavie, CPG Business Strategist and Consultant

About Shire City Herbals
Since 2010, Shire City Herbals has handcrafted spicy Apple Cider Vinegar tonics with raw, whole, and certified organic superfoods. We’re proud to serve a broad range of intergenerational wellness enthusiasts, many of whom make our products a part of their daily ritual. Immune support, better digestion, gut health, and inflammation reduction are among our customers’ top-cited reasons for taking our signature Fire Cider line of products. As a small family-owned business, we are committed to making the most potent health tonics to support your daily wellness routine. Our certified organic farm partners agree that sun, unadulterated soil, and clean water create culinary marvels. We use their highest quality whole, raw, lovingly grown ingredients. We use fully recyclable shipping materials and packing materials made from 100% recycled fibers. 

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