Simplex Health Launches FITNatal

Simplex Health, the leading provider of evidence-based medical nutrition therapies is thrilled to announce the launch of FITNatal: an on-demand fitness program for expectant mothers. Available through Simplex Wellness (a Simplex Health affiliate) the program is designed to help women move more efficiently, effectively, and freely throughout each stage of pregnancy. 

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), exercise and proper nutrition during pregnancy can decrease gestational diabetes, cesarean birth, operative vaginal delivery, and postpartum recovery time. Physical activity and proper nutrition have also proven efficacy in the prevention of postpartum depression, and boast a bevy of short-term benefits including reduced backaches, constipation, and joint wear and tear; improved posture and sleep; and increased endurance to ease labor and delivery.

Current Simplex Health gestational diabetes patients can sign up for FITNatal for a one-time fee of $10 which includes: a comprehensive guide with exercise plans, mobility tips, breathing techniques, and expert advice; weekly inspirational emails; and exclusive (FREE) access to Simplex on Demand. Those not currently utilizing Simplex’s nutrition services can still sign up for the program for just $10 a month.

Program creator Lauren Shelly, a certified personal trainer and Director of Wellness Operations for Simplex Wellness comments, “We’ve helped thousands of patients through our nutrition and lifestyle therapies, but we saw a void in the pregnancy space specific to movement. As a mother of two myself, I know first-hand how easy it is to put fitness on the backburner when you’re pregnant. But when you combine the right food with the right exercise, both mom and baby benefit.”

David Rambo, Founder and CEO of Simplex Health adds, “There isn’t a medical nutrition company out there that’s fusing exercise and nutrition in this way, and certainly not for this specific population. We are, once again, pioneering a new paradigm of care — this time for our pregnant patient population. I couldn’t be more thrilled to see this come to life.” 

Unlike traditional nutrition therapy, Simplex Health’s clinically proven, insurance-funded nutrition interventions treat the ROOT CAUSE of chronic disease — insulin resistance. Simplex works with a host of patients including women with healthy pregnancies and those diagnosed with gestational diabetes. 

Dietitians are accessible via telehealth and in-person at select locations. Through health coaching patients have 24/7 access to one-on-one support through HIPAA-secure text and video chats. 

Click here to sign up for FITNatal, or visit to learn more about Simplex’s nutrition and health coaching services. 

About Simplex Health

Simplex Health is reimagining the conventional healthcare model with progressive, evidence-based, clinically proven protocols that can prevent and even reverse the world’s most disruptive diseases and chronic conditions – from type 2 diabetes to obesity, hypertension, women’s health issues, cancer, and more. For over five years, Simplex Health has worked as a trusted partner alongside healthcare systems, specialty practices, physicians, and corporations to provide patients of all populations access to its life changing, insurance-funded therapies. Patients connect with medically supervised dietitians and health coaches through an intuitive technology platform – receiving custom nutrition and lifestyle interventions tailored to their unique biochemistry. Plus, 24/7 care team access gives patients the support, guidance, and accountability necessary for lasting behavior change. Appointments are available via telehealth and in-person at select locations. Powerful Therapies. Simple Solutions. Simplex Health is Medicine Reimagined.

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