Stellar Health Appoints JoRel Nye as Chief Product Officer

 Stellar Health (“Stellar”), a leading healthcare technology company, is pleased to announce the appointment of JoRel Nye as its new Chief Product Officer. JoRel, former Senior Vice President of Technical Product Management at Aledade, will lead Stellar’s Product Management and User Experience teams. She will build upon Stellar’s existing platform, leveraging data and best-in-class technology to drive performance in value-based care.

“JoRel brings a new voice and perspective to the Stellar Health product, rooted deeply in provider and care team experiences with technology and adoption,” said Michael Meng, Stellar’s Chief Executive Officer. “Stellar cares deeply about provider adoption and usage of the Stellar application as this is paramount to the Company’s success. JoRel’s extensive knowledge of product development and use in the healthcare setting will lead how we think about prioritizing our product and how we support provider adoption of the Stellar application,” Michael added. “She will accomplish this with much expanded resources at her disposal and will immediately focus on building out the team.”

JoRel has over 15 years of experience in designing healthcare technology & workflow solutions. Prior to her role at Aledade, JoRel led various products at athenahealth as an Executive Director of Product Management. Her understanding of the dynamic challenges within Provider Practices and expertise of development and delivery of tech-enabled solutions will play a key role in growing and scaling Stellar’s product. JoRel will focus on optimizing and building out Stellar’s Platform to continue to enable provider and care team success and tackle all the challenges they face in their workflow. 

JoRel’s passion for value-based care led her to join Stellar to develop a product that meaningfully impacts providers to support optimized patient care and outcomes. “Stellar directly tackles the two largest obstacles in value-based care: 1.) Minimizing the effort required for practices to participate in VBC, and 2.) Consistently and reliably rewarding those who do this work. Ultimately, building a value-based product that enables provider workflow evolution and recognizes all the practice personnel that enable value-based success is the key,” said JoRel. “I’m excited to join this win-win-win-win opportunity and lead a successful product team to help Stellar deliver high performance in value-based care for practices, patients, payors, and the healthcare ecosystem.”

About Stellar Health:

Stellar Health (“Stellar”) is a point-of-care, cloud-based platform that activates primary care providers to achieve value-based care (“VBC”) goals that improve patient outcomes, such as improving quality scores and optimizing the patient care journey through transitions of care and high-value referrals. The Stellar platform helps primary care providers continually engage with their patients by providing them real-time information and tangible action-based incentives for improving quality of care. Stellar Health’s mission is to enable all providers to engage and succeed in VBC by bridging the incentive gap between providers and payors. 

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