The Vie Co. Announces Grand Opening in Cryotherapy Innovation in Los Angeles

 The Vie Co. officially announced the grand opening of their newest state of the art cryotherapy spa in the heart of Glendale, California, this past spring. Offering immune-boosting, whole body therapy, they bring the latest technologies in cryotherapy, red light therapy, and compression therapy. Their services not only leave you healthy, fit, and youthful, but also help with recovery, rehab, and pain relief. 

The Vie Co.’s state-of-the-art, 2000 square foot facility offers the private and high-end experience you deserve. Located near the premier shopping destination, The Americana, the spa – which promotes holistic wellness, beauty, and recovery – offers a variety of innovative treatments that are designed to improve one’s health, enhance their performance, and aid in their recovery. The Vie Co. makes for a perfect lunchtime or post-work wellness break, as well as a relaxing weekend experience. With the latest technology in health and beauty, the location has also quickly become an Instagram and influencer favorite, ranging from models to MMA fighters and everyone in between. 

The Vie Co. services

Cryotherapy Treatments: Cryotherapy or Whole Body Cold Therapy is the use of extreme cold temperatures to induce a number of health-promoting changes within the body. By triggering your blood vessels to constrict, the process moves your blood to vital organs, boosting white blood cells and ramping up the circulatory system. Benefits of this include anti-aging, weight loss, immunity boosting, rehab and recovery, and stress relief. 

Cryoskin 4.0: Anti-aging fat loss miracle-in-action. Slim, tone, and lift with no cuts, suction, pokes, or scars. In safe and simple 30-minute sessions using sub-zero shock treatments, Cryoskin 4.0® will literally shape your body, reduce cellulite, and fade away wrinkles. Cool temperatures widen the blood vessels, increasing oxygen and blood flow, helping you look younger. 

Red Light Therapy Treatment: NovoTHOR® (Photobiomodulation), or as we like to call it, magic. NovoTHOR® is a whole body light therapy device that uses red and near-infrared light to treat injuries, reduce pain, relax muscles/joints, and increase blood circulation without the need of medications or surgery. A 15-minute soak in the bright red light treats the body from head to toe, effectively treating pain and leaving you feeling better than ever.

Air Pressure Compression Treatments: NormaTec. Give your muscles a hand. NormaTec is an air pressure compression therapy system that applies patented massage patterns to work on different parts of the body. The result? Faster recovery, increased circulation, sore muscle relief, and of course, a better you. Push your boundaries and exceed your goals. Work, work out, and Vie.

For those looking to get the best of everything, The Vie Co. offers a variety of subscription packages as part of  their Cool Club, which combines various services together at special rates. Summing up everything they have to offer, co-owner Arman Agirian explains, “We’re excited for our community to revive their summer bodies right on time for post-pandemic rejuvenation. Whether you’re looking to lose weight with cryotherapy or reduce cellulite with Cryoskin 4.0, we have what you need to make 2021 a year to remember!”

For more information on the Cool Club or to book an individual treatment with The Vie spa, visit The Vie Co. official website & Instagram

CONTACT: Mike Giegerich, [email protected]

SOURCE The Vie Co.

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