Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month: Early Detection Often Determines Cancer Cure Rates

For Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month (September), the Clayman Thyroid Center takes a steadfast stand on the significance of early detection in the battle against thyroid cancer. With a mission to empower individuals with knowledge and proactive measures, the center is unveiling a comprehensive approach to highlight the critical steps for early detection of thyroid cancer.

Early detection can be a game-changer in thyroid cancer outcomes, but it requires you to be proactive.

“Through awareness, education, and simple screening measures, we can make a significant impact on improving the lives of people affected by thyroid cancer.”

“Catching thyroid cancer early can be critical in achieving successful outcomes,” emphasized Dr. Gary Clayman, founder of the Clayman Thyroid Center. “Through awareness, education, and simple screening measures, we can make a significant impact on improving the lives of people affected by thyroid cancer.”

The Clayman Thyroid Center is the nation’s highest-volume thyroid cancer treatment center. Operating exclusively at the Hospital for Endocrine Surgery in Tampa, Florida, their expert thyroid surgeons emphasize several key strategies that help detect thyroid cancers at the earliest stages:

  1. Self-Screening: Know Your Neck
    Self-awareness is the first line of defense. The Clayman Thyroid Center encourages individuals to perform self-screening by feeling their own neck for any unusual bumps or abnormalities. To make this process easy and effective, the center has shared a step-by-step video guide on its GoiterGuru YouTube channel. Dr. Rashmi Roy, a seasoned expert, leads the tutorial, empowering viewers with the knowledge to conduct a thorough self-examination.
  2. Regular Physicals: Partnering with Your Primary Doctor
    Regular check-ups with your primary doctor are essential. Physicians are trained to perform clinical assessments and can detect potential issues through bloodwork and physical examinations, including neck palpation. This proactive approach can catch thyroid irregularities early on.
  3. Consulting an Endocrinologist: Expert Guidance
    If any abnormalities are detected, consulting an endocrinologist is your next step. An endocrinologist can perform a biopsy if needed, contributing to accurate diagnosis. It’s important to note that endocrinologists cannot, however, treat thyroid cancer if it is found, but they can help you find an expert thyroid surgeon.
  4. Hospital Evaluation: Precision through Ultrasound
    For a comprehensive evaluation, the Clayman Thyroid Center advises individuals to seek a high-resolution ultrasound performed by experts in the thyroid gland. A meticulous ultrasound can be one of the most effective methods for detecting thyroid cancer at its earliest stages.
  5. Expert Surgical Treatment: Ensuring Comprehensive Care
    In the event that thyroid cancer is diagnosed, seeking treatment from a high-volume thyroid surgeon is paramount. Expert surgeons, such as those at the Clayman Thyroid Center, possess the skills to potentially preserve a portion of the thyroid, sparing patients from lifelong thyroid hormone dependency. The center’s advanced bedside pathology techniques ensure swift results, ensuring no cancer is left behind.

For their community of Tampa, the Clayman Thyroid Center has rolled out an award-winning thyroid ultrasound screening program to propel early detection efforts. The program is led by Dr. Rashmi Roy, Director of Thyroid Surgical Services, and has detected abnormalities requiring further evaluation in about a quarter of participants. More concerning, the program has detected thyroid cancer requiring surgery in more than 10% of women participants over age 40.

“These individuals had no symptoms and absolutely no idea they had thyroid cancer,” said Dr. Roy. “We’ve expanded this program throughout the community over the last year, but my YouTube channel bridges the gap and helps educate those I cannot screen in person.”

Interestingly, the Clayman Thyroid Center notes that about 50% of its patients travel from outside the state of Florida, and 10% from outside the country. “Our process is very streamlined,” said Dr. Clayman. “We have many patients who opt for our evaluation and surgery in a single-day program. They head back to one of our partner hotels after surgery, and head home the next day.” In addition to partner hotels, the Clayman Thyroid Center makes the experience for traveling patients seamless by offering a complimentary shuttle to and from the airport and the hospital.

“Empowering individuals with knowledge about the importance of early detection is not just our goal; it’s our responsibility,” said Dr. Nate Walsh, Senior Surgeon at the Clayman Thyroid Center. “Our comprehensive approach ensures that patients receive the best care and the best chance at a healthier future.”

This Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month, the Clayman Thyroid Center invites you to embrace early detection as a powerful tool against thyroid cancer. For additional information on the center’s initiatives and resources, visit

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