Top Private Testing Provider GS Labs Opens In Paramus As Need For COVID-19 Testing Continues

 As the need for COVID-19 rapid tests continues, one of the largest private testing laboratories in the nation is again opening a testing location in the Paramus area. 

GS Labs offers rapid antigen tests, PCR tests, Rapid PCR and LAMP tests, and a combination rapid antigen COVID and flu test, all by appointment seven days a week at 460 NJ-17, Paramus, NJ 01803.

Having tested more than 1.2 million patients through February, GS Labs, headquartered in Omaha, is a leading provider of COVID-19 rapid antigen tests across the nation. So far this year, the company has performed more than 245,000 rapid antigen tests nationally. These tests have identified more than 53,000 patients currently positive for COVID-19, giving these individuals the opportunity to safely quarantine and avoid spreading the virus to loved ones and co-workers.

“Testing remains an important part of our nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Dr. Darin Jackson, GS Labs Medical Director. “Our tests provide customers with quick answers to make the right healthcare decisions for themselves and their loved ones.”

GS Lab’s offers two tests that are fully covered by insurance in the event the patient is experiencing symptoms or has had a recent exposure. This includes the rapid antigen test for $179 – which returns results as quickly as 20 minutes – and a PCR test for $229 that returns results in 2 to 5 days. Both tests have no out-of-pocket cost with accepted insurance. 

Additionally, GS Labs offers rapid PCR and rapid LAMP tests for $299 each. These tests, ideal for travel or screening testing, are available with cash payment only. The combination rapid antigen COVID and flu test is available for $199, also with cash payment only. Appointments for all tests must be made online prior to arrival at

WHERE: 460 NJ-17 PARAMUS, NJ 01803

If you are attending an upcoming gathering, there are steps you can take to be safer around others – including getting a test 1 to 3 days beforehand to determine your COVID-19 status. Other safety options you may wish to consider include:

  • Wear a well-fitting mask over your nose and mouth if you are in public indoor settings if you are not fully vaccinated. 
  • Remember, outdoors is safer than indoors. 
  • Avoid crowded, poorly ventilated spaces. 
  • Avoid shouting and singing, especially in indoor spaces. 
  • If you are sick or have symptoms, don’t host or attend a gathering. 
  • Also consider getting a COVID-19 test 3 to 5 days after you return home from travel. 
  • Even if your test is negative, it’s wise to reduce non-essential activities for a full 7 days after travel.


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