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 Total Brain, an applied, integrative neuroscience company, today announced the launch of several new features to enhance Total Brain product functionality for population health and provider clients and the consumers, employees, and patients they serve. These innovative product updates include Mood Meter, a new tool that gives users the ability to easily track their mood and what causes it to change over time; HRV stand-alone measurement; and improved HRV measurement metrics.

“These latest product enhancements reflect Total Brain’s commitment to enriching our in-the-moment intervention tools to complement our overall measurement and self-care capabilities,” said Matthew Mund, CEO, Total Brain. “Ongoing innovation is essential to increasing engagement among our users and driving more value for our population health and provider clients. Mood Meter and improved HRV functionality meets those critical objectives.”

“These latest product enhancements reflect Total Brain’s commitment to enriching our in-the-moment intervention tools.”Tweet this

New Product Features

  • Mood Meter – Available to all Total Brain users, Mood Meter provides a quick and efficient way to identify and tag a user’s current mood. By rating their mood, users can better understand the impact of certain activities on their state of mind, along with other notable mood changes they may experience throughout the day.
  • HRV stand-alone measurement – Previously, Total Brain’s HRV measurement tool was available only through the Resonant Breathing exercise. Now, users can take a single reading whenever they choose and use tags to help better identify trending data related to stress. HRV measurement is currently only available to iOS users.
  • Improved HRV measurement metrics – Users have access to two new sections under the Insights tab  ̶  Your Stress and Your Mood. These new features combine metrics from HRV measurements and the Mood Meter to give the user a more holistic view of stress levels and stressors over time. HRV Measurement is currently only available to iOS users, but data will be available through both web and mobile applications.

These new features are available by updating the Total Brain app. No other actions are necessary to start benefiting from these new features. Learn more about Total Brain.

About Total Brain Limited (ASX: TTB)

Total Brain Limited is a San Francisco and Sydney-based applied, integrative neuroscience company that has developed and offers Total Brain, a SaaS-based mental health platform powered by the world’s largest standardized brain database. 

Its SaaS platform has helped more than one million registered users to-date scientifically measure and optimize their brain capacities while managing the risk of common mental conditions. Benefits for providers include improved patient outcomes, tracking of evidence-based outcomes across the continuum of care, and a reduction in clinician fatigue. Benefits for employers and payers include better mental healthcare access, lower costs, and higher productivity. For more information, please visit and follow on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook.

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