TraceLink and Value Drug Partner on Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) 2023 Compliance to Reduce Cost for Pharmacies

TraceLink Inc., the leading digital network platform company enabling end-to-end product orchestration by connecting more than 290,000 healthcare and life sciences entities through its B2N Integrate-Once network, today announced a partnership with Value Drug Company, a leader in wholesale distribution and retail / specialty pharmacy services, to provide a comprehensive commercial, solution, and services program for independent pharmacies to meet upcoming complex DSCSA regulatory requirements which go into effect on November 27, 2023.

Rolling out at 44th Annual Expo “Solutions for Success” event on June 23rd, the preferred program for Value Drug member pharmacies will provide a tailored solution subscription and services model including:

TraceLink and Value Drug are dedicated to ensuring their pharmacy members have the easiest, lowest-cost DSCSA solution.

  • Special annual subscription to TraceLink’s DSCSA compliance solution.
  • Streamlined implementation program to accelerate and simplify configuration and testing.
  • Access to TraceLink University and Healthcare Operational Support Team (HOST) programs to increase staff productivity and reduce operational and administrative burdens on pharmacy teams.

“Helping pharmacies focus on serving patients and not worrying about compliance tasks such as those required by DSCSA is critically important for TraceLink,” said Shabbir Dahod, President and CEO, TraceLink. “Value Drug has been a great partner to work with over the years and we are pleased to join with them on this program to ensure their members have the easiest, lowest-cost solution for meeting operational and supply partner business requirements created by DSCSA.”

“Our member pharmacies look to us to provide expertise and guidance beyond our wholesale distribution capabilities, this is especially true helping them navigate the requirements for the upcoming DSCSA compliance deadline.” said Mike Shaw, Vice President of IT, Value Drug Company. “When researching technology vendors who could offer a Dispenser Solution to our members, TraceLink was a clear choice based on their capabilities and vision to not only address DSCSA requirements but also improve supply chain efficiency and safety beyond DSCSA.”

“We’re very pleased to have been able to leverage our very successful collaboration with TraceLink to offer what we believe to be a best-in-class solution for our members.” Said Greg Drew, President, Value Drug Company.

TraceLink has been investing for over a decade in deploying solutions to help pharmacies and healthcare organizations meet the complex unit-level traceability, verification, and other requirements of DSCSA regulations while reducing the business, operational, and network connectivity burden on their organizations. Leveraging the interoperable TraceLink network of over 290,000 authenticated pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, retail pharmacies, and healthcare providers, TraceLink has helped process almost one billion DSCSA Transaction Histories and over one million DSCSA-compliance EPCIS transactions. In addition, TraceLink has enabled over 15,000 live serialization connections, manages today over 41 billion serialized products on its network, and serves thousands of entities through its easy-to-use portal, providing customers and their partners with unsurpassed knowledge, technical services, and operational support for pharmacies and other organizations that prefer to focus on the patient, not on regulatory requirements.

To learn more about the Value Drug preferred program, or to talk with TraceLink experts about our unique approach towards helping pharmacies and healthcare providers take the burden of DSCSA compliance off their shoulders, please contact us here.

About TraceLink
TraceLink is the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry’s leading provider of supply chain digitalization through end-to-end product orchestration on the Opus digital network platform. With more than 290,000 network members, Opus connects people, processes, systems, and enterprises into a collective information network for intelligent business execution. TraceLink serialization, track-and-trace, global compliance, and real-time supply chain collaboration solutions empower customers to Integrate Once, Interoperate with Everyone, achieve massive scalability, maintain continuous compliance, and ensure supply. TraceLink customers serialize more than one billion units per month across 15,000 connections.

About Value Drug
Value Drug Company was formed in 1934 as a cooperative of 19 independent pharmacists in Altoona, PA to consolidate their purchasing power. What started as a small business with a staff of five serving local customers has grown into a sophisticated company with a leading-edge distribution center. Our state-of-the-art technology has enabled us to achieve greater efficiencies and expand geographically. Value Drug is committed to providing transparency in our pricing and optimizing manufacturer relationships and purchasing power to improve buying conditions for our members. No longer known solely as a pharmaceutical wholesaler, today Value Drug also provides retail and specialty pharmacy services, long-term care pharmacy support, immunization service offerings, 340B authorized distribution, telemedicine opportunities, and many other clinical service programs. At Value Drug, we understand the regulatory issues and marketplace challenges that independent pharmacists must contend with each day.

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