Vial Launches VialConnect: a Modernized CTMS with Patient Recruitment Assistance

Vial has announced the highly-anticipated launch of VialConnect, an intuitive clinical trials management platform built for coordinators and investigators. VialConnect is offered at no cost and makes it simple for research sites to access Vial’s modernized CTMS and additional services for patient recruitment.

Signing up for VialConnect gives sites access to two services for free: First, a customizable CTMS (clinical trials management system) that powers core workflows and provides operational visibility. And second, A HIPAA-compliant EMR filtering tool making it easier to sort potential trial subjects.

When asked about VialConnect, Stacey Gomez, a clinical research manager and one of the first users said, “Since implementing Vial’s CTMS at our sites, our team’s day-to-day operations have become faster and more efficient. We can easily schedule new appointments, track patients, and view all of our studies in one place. It’s easy to navigate and our team loves it.”

“We talked extensively with PIs and CRCs to identify their main pain points — the lack of an intuitive CTMS and an inability to recruit patients efficiently. VialConnect solves these issues through modernized tech solutions. After deploying VialConnect at our 30+ partner sites, it’s clear from their feedback that our CTMS and patient recruitment program wins in all of these areas,” said Simon Burns, Co-Founder and CEO of Vial.

Vial strives to be a next generation site management organization by providing the necessary resources for research practices to run trials with faster execution and higher quality. The company has over 90 employees and is based in San Francisco, California.

Learn more about VialConnect here.

See the full release here.


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