Volta Labs Partners with OEM by QIAGEN to Unlock Potential of NGS Sample Prep

 Volta Labs, a genomics applications company, and the OEM business of QIAGEN, the leading global provider of Sample to Insight solutions, announced they will leverage their technologies to increase the availability of sample preparation kits for next-generation sequencing (NGS).

Volta Labs and OEM by QIAGEN will partner on the production of reagents and other elements necessary for the development of the Callisto sample preparation kits. These kits are specifically engineered to isolate high-molecular-weight DNA, resulting in exceptionally high yields and pure genomic DNA for downstream library preparation and NGS. The collaboration enables Volta Labs to ramp up production and support growing demand for their products.

“QIAGEN has paved the way for the acceleration of sample prep and has set the standard for many genomics workflows,” said Udayan Umapathi, CEO at Volta Labs. “The work they have done to navigate the complexities of NGS has given scientists the ability to derive impactful insights from the toughest of samples. Callisto will increase throughput exponentially, accelerating library prep for any sequencer-agnostic sample.”

“At OEM by QIAGEN, we are committed to supporting companies like Volta Labs in their mission to revolutionize the field of molecular biology. In supplying reagents for their innovative Callisto Sample Prep System, our partnership aims to elevate NGS technology, addressing the critical bottleneck in NGS sample & library preparation,” said Salim Essakali, VP, Head of the OEM Business at QIAGEN.

The Callisto™ Sample Prep System offers programmable, precise, and plastic-free liquid manipulation with pre-optimized applications to support short- and long-read sequencing workflows. Paired with proven reagents from OEM by QIAGEN, Callisto transforms the way in which standard protocols are implemented and executed, significantly improving operational flexibility, scalability and access to meaningful insights.

About Volta Labs
Volta Labs is a genomics applications company that has developed a cutting-edge digital fluidics platform to improve the performance, scalability, and consistency of sample preparation for genomic analyses. Volta is transforming the way new biological protocols are developed, implemented, and executed, allowing scientists to focus on what they do best — pushing the boundaries of biology.

OEM by QIAGEN is a leading provider of cutting-edge solutions for strategic partners in the life sciences and diagnostics industries. As a trusted Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partner, we specialize in delivering high-quality, scalable solutions that accelerate product development and drive innovation in molecular biology. With a focus on global impact and transformative discoveries, OEM by QIAGEN is dedicated to shaping the future of molecular biology and making improvements in life possible.

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