Concierge Health Now Connects Program Members “In-Home” Healthy Habits with Rewards

Concierge Health, a technology services platform which allows fitness and wellness brands to seamlessly connect with health insurers and corporate wellness programs, connecting consumers to incentives like reimbursements and rewards, has created a comprehensive connected Ecosystem providing a unique variety of engagement opportunities to guide and incentivize individuals along their wellness journey. Through the networked system of partners, the platform connects with individuals wherever, whenever, and however they choose to engage in healthy habits.

The expansion of the Concierge Health Ecosystem of verified data collection opportunities directly aligns with consumer demands to engage in healthy habits on their terms, while being rewarded by their programs benefits. Even with connectivity and data normalization/absorption limitations, Concierge Health has automated the data movement, removing operational demands that exist for platforms and operators, and successfully aggregated Connected Equipment and Digital Streaming Content partners (both on-demand and live) to create a smooth member experience.

“We’re very happy to be working with Concierge Health in bridging the gap between digital fitness activity verification and benefits rewards,” said Lou Lentine, president and CEO of Echelon Fitness Multimedia LLC.

The E-Home Ecosystem aggregation, along with the new mobile app, allows Concierge Health program partners the ability to expand their engagement opportunities and, with the nimble ability of the platform, an ease of implementation. Now paired with their brick and mortar data collection, the Concierge Health solution is truly ONE cohesive platform solution with endless possibilities for programs looking to meet their members where they choose to engage in healthy habits. 

“Concierge Health’s innovative technology opens many doors for the market. Les Mills is thrilled to embark on this new chapter with Concierge Health and to bring the best in health and fitness to partners and users.” – Sean Tuner, CEO, LMUS.

“The aggregation of the E-Home partners into a collective Ecosystem was a necessary step toward our vision at Concierge Health to provide individuals the ability to be healthy their way and receive their benefits and incentives for those behaviors. The pandemic definitely increased the need and demand of this type of solution. We’re happy to have built the foundation of this E-Home solution with amazing partner platforms, and are excited for its expansion with future connected wellness brands,” said Matthew Schober, Chief Development Officer of Concierge Health.

About Concierge Health:
Concierge Health, a Las Vegas based wellness company, provides an integrative, data aggregation platform focused on enhancing consumer health and wellness experiences. Concierge Health connects health clubs and fitness platforms to health insurance, and wellness companies through a proprietary process to automating incentives and rewards. Concierge Health’s features and services seamlessly bring together industries to enhance the business operation and customer understanding while providing consumers an improved, innovative experience.

SOURCE Concierge Health Inc

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