Concierge Medicine Pioneer Specialdocs Launches First Women Physicians Council

For many physicians, the past 18 months have been the roughest of their careers, with pandemic-caused burnout, income loss and practice closures; an impact disproportionately experienced by women. Those in concierge medicine, however, remained financially sound, with thriving practices and a sense of optimism about the future, inspiring the creation of the Specialdocs Women Physicians Council. The mission, according to Terry Bauer, CEO of Specialdocs, a nationally recognized leader in concierge medicine transitions, is to build a supportive, collaborative community, encouraging more female doctors to benefit from the rewards of practicing in this resilient model.

“As the leader of a company established by a visionary female, I’m acutely aware of the challenges still faced by women in our industry,” says Bauer. “Establishing the Specialdocs Women Physicians Council is a meaningful step we can take to foster the growth of women in concierge medicine – an alternative that has proved transformative for all doctors, especially so for women. Our model enables women physicians to achieve a sustainable work-life balance and the profound satisfaction of practicing medicine according to their distinct vision.”  

“Specialdocs Women Physicians Council aims to build a supportive, collaborative community for female concierge doctors.” Tweet this

“I have two young children and being pulled in many different directions, often felt like I wasn’t doing anything right. Concierge medicine allows me more time, benefiting my patients, my family and me.” Special Doc Cecily Havert, MD

“From the first night of transitioning to a concierge model, I was able to sleep well, knowing my patients were being better served, my staff was happier, and that I could continue to practice in the changing and challenging landscape of medicine today.” Special Doc Irene Kazmers, MD

As females increasingly entered the medical profession over the past decade, now representing more than 50% of medical students, the number of women physicians in the Specialdocs network rose steadily each year as well. In 2021, almost half of all new transitions to date are women physicians, and overall represent nearly 40% of the company’s clients.

“There’s real power in those numbers,” says Bauer, “a remarkable opportunity to make a difference by providing a platform for women physicians to connect, support, share and mentor. We also plan to explore innovative programs to better serve the unique needs of female patients, informed and inspired by our Council of exceptional women physicians.”

Specialdocs has also extended its support to other well-respected organizations for women in medicine, most notably the Physician Moms Group (PMG).  Started as a small Facebook group by Dr. Sala Habry in 2014, PMG has grown into a global network for more than 71,000 women physicians actively juggling career and family. As a proud sponsor of PMG’s first streaming live conference Aug. 14-15, Specialdocs will host a virtual exhibit with multimedia resources and opportunities to explore the company’s unique approach to concierge medicine via an individual Zoom conference with Terry Bauer.

Since 2002, Specialdocs has helped physicians nationwide transform their practices and their lives with one of the most viable, sustainable concierge medicine models in the industry.

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