Vivex Biologics, Inc. Launches CYGNUS® Matrix Disks

Vivex Biologics, Inc., a leading regenerative medicine company specializing in the development of naturally sourced treatments, announced today the launch of CYGNUS®Matrix Disks, the latest configuration from the CYGNUS® family of amniotic tissue allografts. 

CYGNUS® amniotic tissue allografts are applied as a soft tissue barrier and wound covering to help provide mechanical protection. CYGNUS® Matrix Disks are a flexible, multi-layer allograft maintaining the amnion layer, its intermediate/spongy layer and the chorion layers of the amniotic sac, providing improved handling and increased workability. 

“The innovative technologies associated with CYGNUS® are transforming the treatment of wound care today,” said Gail Farnan, VP and General Manager of VIVEX’s Wound Care & Amnion Therapies business unit. “Most wounds are not square. Our modern disk design offers a size and shape that reduces the need for cutting to fit the size of the wound, enhancing ease of use and eliminating product waste.”

Amniotic membrane is a semi-transparent and resilient membrane that lines the upper cavity of the placenta. Amniotic tissue acts as an immune-privileged protective barrier during fetal development. CYGNUS® is applied as a soft tissue barrier and wound covering that helps provide mechanical protection and retains endogenous growth factors.

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Vivex Biologics is a pioneer in regenerative medicine, specializing in the development of naturally sourced treatment options and solutions that improve clinical, surgical, and therapeutic patient care through innovation. With tissue damage resulting from a variety of diseases, direct injury, and trauma, there is a significant need for advanced solutions. By leveraging the resources of the nation’s oldest civilian tissue bank, VIVEX is channeling the body’s inherent healing qualities to bring patients optimal care and to provide medical professionals and patients with innovative treatment options for a broad range of indications.

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