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The ‘DocNow’ mobile app features an assortment of provisions that include instant access to user-specific Covid-19 resources, personalized ‘in-app’ self-assessment tools, smart alerts, prompts and reminders for coordinating scheduled appointments as well as a skillfully engineered, ‘AI’- powered search component that helps patients communicate with service providers from the convenience of their home.

DocNow ensures 24/7 patient access to Covid-19 resources. The recent uptick in Covid-19 cases reported right across the US is likely to prompt more and more patients to narrow in on resources that provide instant, readily accessible Covid-19 related assistance. The ‘DocNow’ mobile app enables them to freely connect with their preferred service facility without experiencing any constraints. Moreover, patients can rest assured that by using the app’s built-in location tracker, access to the nearest Covid-19 help center is as convenient as a click.

DocNow empowers patients with useful health-assessment tools. The ‘DocNow’ mobile app has equipped patients with valuable tools that help them carry out specific self-assessment procedures with utmost ease. For instance, patients can comfortably employ these ‘in-app’ features to monitor their BMI (Body Mass Index) as many times as they’d like. What the app also brings for patients is the confidence to stay on top of their preliminary health markers and feel more empowered in the process.

DocNow sets up simple ‘smart-reminders’ for streamlining patient schedules. With the ‘DocNow’ mobile app ‘smart reminders’, patients can now rest easy. The app extends them the freedom to overcome all their scheduling worries by helping them keep a careful watch on forthcoming healthcare commitments that need reminding.

DocNow’s smart-search opens up instant service-provider access for patients. Patients can now narrow down their search preferences using the app’s smartly configured word-recognition feature that interprets the most relevant information, filters out the rest and generates remarkably accurate search results. By employing such parameters for precision and accuracy, the ‘DocNow’ mobile app ensures that an unprecedented user-experience is afforded to all patients without exception.

DocNow expands patient access to service providers beyond its own network. With the ‘DocNow’ mobile app, patients can actively seek out service providers that operate outside the DocNow domain in addition to experiencing enhanced connectivity with services already featured on its platform. This enables patients to exercise more discretion when opting for the most appropriate service provider.

DocNow’s specialized team of concept technicians and data engineers have skillfully collaborated to put together what they see is a salient component of DocNow’s expanding and distinctively innovative tele-healthcare continuum. The ‘DocNow’ mobile app smartly infuses state-of-the-art digital health technology and best practices for patient care and support in one consolidated, carefully-executed package.

You can download DocNow app on iOS/Android for Free.

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