PHBI – Phramagreen Targets Making Its Chibafreen Propriety Technology A Cannabis Industry Standard

Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc., (OTC PINKS: PHBI), today released a second management update form CEO Peter Wojcik.  Today’s update provides further information on the company’s strategy to convert the revenue potential of its proprietary intellectual property into realized revenue.  The first update can be reviewed and the following link:

Pharmagreen Taps Revenue Potential of Proprietary Cannabis Tissue Culture Technology Asset 

Today’s update is included in its entirety below:

CEO Peter Wojcik Strategic Update

The transition of Pharmagreen’s revenue potential derived from its proven intellectual property asset will be built on the foundation of executive talent that has converged at Pharmagreen to transform the cannabis industry by making Pharmagreen’s proprietary tissue culture the industry standard for industrial grow operations. 

Pharmagreen has a proprietary tissue culture process called “Chibafreen” that can be applied to the cannabis industry to increase the scalability of industrial grow operations at the same time preserving genetic purity and enhancing quality production.

See my update published last week to learn more about our Chibafreen proprietary process.

As the Pharmagreen CEO, I am approaching the cannabis industry with Chibafreen as an economic change agent for the cannabis industry.  Yes, Chibafreen is a differentiator for Pharmagreen as a proprietary technology, but its value will be realized and monetized through its potential to positively impact the economics of the cannabis industry with the improved efficiencies that it can deliver.

I bring to Pharmagreen a strong history of economics knowledge and experience that I have leveraged to develop a strong busines strategy for Pharmagreen.  I am a University of Regina alum, and I bring valuable experience with a number of previous high-valued exists built from startups.  My career experience also includes extensive research with cannabis as a therapeutic agent.

Pharmagreen has absolutely the best COO in place to manage our Chibafreen proprietary plant tissue culture differentiation.  Dr. Fawzia Afreen’s extraordinary career has spanned almost two decades as an expert in plant horticulture, tissue culture, and production. In addition to her Ph.D. in Botany from the University of Hull in the United Kingdom, she has three international patents, two published books and over forty articles used in peer-reviewed international journals.

As a high growth public company, the CFO’s role is essential in structuring and managing the company’s financial strategy to support our rapid expansion objectives.  Terry Kwan is a chartered professional accountant with the Institute of Chartered Professional Accounts of British Columbia. Terry Kwan’s four-decade-long career portfolio in finance spans both public and private sectors. The University of British Columbia alum holds the commerce expertise to analyze our financial expenditure and profitability.

I am confident Pharmagreen has the right executive team in place to serve as the foundation of the company’s strategy to transition the economics of the cannabis industry through the industrywide adoption of Pharmagreen’s Chibafreen proprietary plant tissue culture process.

As we continue to transition the revenue potential of Pharmagreen’s proprietary technology into realized revenue, the company will continue to publish a series of shareholder letters building on the first one and todays to articulate in plane and simple terms the details of each key aspect of the overall strategy to transition the Chibafreen asset into a source of recurring revenue.

Look for the next installment to be published next week. 

Please visit for additional information on PHBI’s current business development.

About Pharmagreen Biotech Inc.

Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc., is a publicly traded (OTC PINKS: PHBI) company. Pharmagreen Biotech Inc. is in the business of providing the highest quality starter plantlets utilizing a proprietary tissue culture process, “Chibafreen”, to licensed cannabis cultivators and to CBD / CBG hemp farmers. It also provides other value-added services: plant species identification through DNA testing and certification; live storage of all plant strains using tissue culture and low temperature storage proprietary technology. Utilizing the best tissue cultured plantlets in its state of art greenhouse(s) for highest quality flower tops production. For further information on the company please visit

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