Narvalo presents Urban Active Mask, the award-winning Smart Mask with active ventilation that monitors your breath and air quality around you

After the success of their first mask, startup Narvalo launched a smart upgrade on Kickstarter last month. Its Active Shield makes it the first IoT mask that monitors your breath and constantly optimizes the air flow inside, providing an unequalled experience of freshness.

“The air we breathe in our cities today holds many dangers to our wellbeing. We aim to create a community of peoplethat act upon this problem and change their habits,” explains Co-founder Ewoud Westerduin.

And the startup hits the right spot on the market. Within the first two hours, half of the 50.000-euro target was reached. Also the industry is impressed, confirmed by the jury of the renowned Red Dot Awards who chose the Urban Active as the winner for 2021 in the category of Product Design. The Urban Active is based on the same platform as its predecessor the Urban, a mask that filters over 99% of pollutants such as particulate matter, pollens, odors, viruses, and bacteria. In addition, the Urban Active Mask upgrade comes with integrated technology, adding the following features:

  • A smart active extraction fan
    The Active Shield has an integrated smart fan that constantly optimizes the air flow inside the mask, therefore reducing the accumulation of heat, moisture and especially CO2. Simultaneously, the abundant presence of filtered air inside makes it seem as if you were not wearing a mask at all. 
  • A dedicated APP that monitors your breath.
    Thanks to the sensors in the mask and the smartphone’s GPS, the Narvalo application can monitor your breathing performance and provides you with a report on the quality of the air encountered during your commute.

“We want to change the mask from a protective device into an informative device, which is able to provide important insights regarding the user’s breathing performances,” explains Venanzio Arquilla, president of Narvalo.

Narvalo, started well before the COVID-19 pandemic as a project against air pollution at the Italian university, the Politecnico di Milano. Their collaboration with expert company BLS, the main Italian producer of respiratory protection products, guarantees the quality of filtration.

The product is still available for preorder on Kickstarter until April 2nd.

Check out Urban Active on Kickstarter:

Or visit Narvalo website:

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