Quil Launches Caregiving Circle: A Better Way for Caregivers and those they Support to Stay Connected and Informed

Quil, the digital health engagement platform that offers interactive health journeys, is introducing a new feature, Caregiving Circle, as part of Quil Engage. Quil Engage offers personalized patient education and navigation in partnership with providers and health plans. With Caregiving Circle, people can easily invite family and friends to join them while they navigate a specific health event or as they manage their health day to day. 

The onset of COVID-19 has only amplified the burden that an estimated 53M unpaid family caregivers in the US shoulder1,2. And 57% of those who identify as an unpaid family caregiver report clinically significant levels of stress, anxiety, or depression.2 Though many caregiver support groups and resources are available, Quil has identified a gap in secure and seamless connection between consumers, caregivers, and their healthcare providers that, once addressed, will enhance the consumer experience and provide meaningful value to partnering healthcare organizations. With clear caregiver communication comes peace of mind, reduced stress, and reduced absenteeism for caregivers and ultimately improved outcomes and satisfaction for patients. Clinical research has uncovered the positive impact for patients who have strong and active support networks, including a University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) study, which reported that involving caregivers during post-discharge planning resulted in a 25% reduction of hospital readmissions3

To start, Quil will introduce this feature to Penn Medicine’s orthopedic department, specifically focused on geriatric hip events, before launching with additional clients. Caregiving Circle is just one of Quil’s commitments to better connecting consumers, caregivers, and healthcare organizations in addition to supporting health plans and employers by reducing caregiver burden. Last year, Quil partnered with AmeriHealth Caritas to launch a first-of-its-kind program to support caregivers of Medicaid members with disabilities and long-term needs. Following the launch of that program, Quil took to the stage at HLTH 2020 to announce its D2C offering, Quil Assure, set to launch at the end of 2021. Quil Assure is a platform that aims to help individuals stay at home longer with the help of ambient sensors, voice-activated technology, integrated emergency assistance, and caregiver coordination tools and resources. Over time, the Quil Assure D2C product will integrate with the Quil Engage B2B2C platform to deliver a comprehensive solution that helps individuals and their caregivers manage every aspect of health and wellness. 

Quil Chief Product Officer Molly Doyle commented, “We strongly believe in making the health journey more accessible and less overwhelming for everyone involved. Integral to that vision is offering tools for better communication and connection so that everyone feels supported and informed. Not only does this drive value for consumers, but it is vital to patient activation and caregiver stress reduction, which unlocks better health outcomes for organizations.” 

About Quil
Quil, the joint venture between Independence Health Group (Independence) and Comcast, is the digital health engagement platform that offers personalized and interactive health journeys to consumers and their caregivers. Quil is committed to educating and engaging consumers and their caregivers about their health as we believe it results in better outcomes at a lower cost. Quil serves patients, members, and their caregivers and is partnered with healthcare providers and health plans nationally. We are headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. Connect with Quil now. Follow Quil on Twitter and on LinkedIn

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3 Integrating Caregivers at Discharge Significantly Cuts Patient Readmissions, UPMC, 2017 


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