The Inner Circle acknowledges Paul Byrne, MD, FACOG as a Pinnacle Platinum Healthcare Professional

Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Paul Byrne, MD, FACOG is acknowledged as a Pinnacle Platinum Healthcare Professional for his contributions to the fields of Obstetrics and Gynecology.           

Paul Byrne MD, FACOG
Paul Byrne MD, FACOG

Dr. Byrne pursued higher education at Cornell University, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree. He then completed a Medical Degree at SUNY Syracuse and finished a residency in Winthrop. The doctor specializes in both in-office and hospital care providing obstetric and gynecologic procedures and is especially affective in the care of patients with high-risk pregnancies and minimally invasive surgeries.

In addition to his private practice, Dr. Byrne teaches medical students from the SUNY at Stony Brook School of Medicine; New York College of Osteopathic Medicine; and NYU Langone Long Island School of Medicine, as well as residents and fellows from South Mount Sinai at South Nassauand NYU Langone Long Island. The doctor is also a specialist in Da Vinci procedures and minimally invasive surgery.

Maintaining professional affiliations to support excellence in his practice, the doctor is a member of FACOG, AOA, AMA, and MSSNY. When considering the highlights of his successful career, Dr. Byrne is most proud to have served multiple generations delivering the children of the daughters of his patients and believes most of his success is due to following his philosophy, which is to “figure out what a patient needs and wants.”

Looking to the future, Dr. Byrne plans to continue what he loves to do. Aside from his professional pursuits, he enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.

Contact: Katherine Green, 516-825-5634, [email protected]

SOURCE The Inner Circle

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